In the world today, it is estimated that there are roughly one hundred million products available world wide. Many of these products are all sold with a particular aim that is guaranteed to satisfy every niche. Whilst counterfeit toys are in abundance, there exist collectors of these items as well as several relatively well known people on YouTube that review these items.

‘Rola-Cola’ is still liked enough to be purchased and made again and again. Larger firms offer multiple varieties of the same brand of products to increase their appeal across borders. Coca Cola for instance sells quite a lot of Garlic Coke in Japan.

Getting the Word Out

The point being that if you have made something you want to sell to the public, trying to get a foothold into the colossus that is the retail world can be quite a formidable task. That isn’t even counting having to deal with the patent office or setting up a reliable supply chain. This doesn’t make it an impossible task though. Good old fashioned ‘word of mouth’ has helped many small businesses expand exponentially into conglomerates that now produce your computer components, baked beans and coffee machines. Even a cursory Google search reveals over thirty eight million results for word of mouth marketing. As powerful as it can be, it’s a sleeping giant. Unstoppable when it’s awake but slow to rise. In many cases, word of mouth may not be enough to help sell whatever you’ve made depending on the niche.

Places to Start

Exposure is necessary to help the public experience what you want to give them and, like the process of designing what you’ve made, there are many ways to go about it.

Starting by selling in small town is usually a good start. Smaller towns are often tightly knit communities that share local gossip with surprising efficiency. This also makes it easier to spread awareness as the relatively small size of the area would make it easier to pass out flyers to the public or to set up trading stalls if required.

Obvious Options

There’s the internet too. Thanks to being able to transmit information worldwide within seconds, you can rapidly gain exposure through online communities that are dedicated to helping new products get discovered or just to sample and review them. Online businesses now process upwards of seven hundred and seventy thousand pounds of sales every thirty seconds. Not even large shopping centres can claim anything like that within a week. Naturally, you’re product will be swimming in a sea of thousands of others and in most cases, other variants. Like word of mouth, gaining the necessary exposure can take time. Only you have many more (inexpensive) tools at your disposal to help.

Getting Outside Help

One particularly useful service allows you to sell your product through a kiosk or stand within an already existing large store. It is possible to set this up yourself, arrange all of the equipment, transportation and the like. Naturally, when trying to sell your new product, time is the magical ingredient and you will likely need as much of it as possible in order to push your aims forward. This is where a company like Tactical Solutions can help. They offer in store sales as a service and already have a proven track record of assisting with the promotion of products from Heinz Beanz, Innocent Drinks and Blossom Hill. The idea is that you tell them about your product, how you want it sold or advertised and then they do all of the work for you, offering a huge boost to your products exposure.

The success of any product indeed depends on many factors. As mentioned before, exposure is the first step in creating a well-recognised product that could one day become a household name, field sales is a powerful method to achieve this. You are allowed to tackle the challenge of field sales yourself, even encouraged, to help you learn even more about product evolution. The saying “knowledge is power” is apt here. What’s useful about using a dedicated service is still getting that knowledge from the hands of professionals that already have multiple accolades to prove that they are worth the investment.

Take the help you can get

On a slightly different note, the average customer doesn’t see behind the scenes of the retail machine. Product recalls, audits and mystery shopping are all services they may have heard of. However, they are but an innocent customer. They don’t need to worry about things like that. However, depending on how well your new product succeeds, these are real things that you may need to take into account at some point. Tactical Solutions is able to offer you these services in a bid to dramatically reduce your workload. Work smart!