ZoeDoggy is the elite web shop for small-breed dogs! We provide high-end dog styles and components that are always fashionable and on pattern. Jacklynn, the extremely pleased partner of lovely Pomeranians Zoe and Izzy, designed this site to inform and provides assistance to dog mother and father so they can do the best job possible keeping their much-loved dogs satisfied and healthier.

All the components and fashions we provide are hand-picked by Jacklynn, so you can be sure that your dog gets the best of the best every time you purchase something from our shop visit: ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills Fashion, two dog fashion collections that are planned for launch in 2015. We’re extremely looking forward to it, and Zoe and Izzy can’t delay to see their buddies dressed in the fashionable styles they’re creating! If you need to know more and get exclusive provides when these new collections come out, you can register to our publication here.

Jacklynn & Zoe’s Story:

When Jacklynn first met Zoe, she wasn’t planning on buying a dog. In fact, she wasn’t even looking to buy a pet at all, though she’s always had animals in her lifetime. But on her wedding seven decades ago, when she stepped out of the lift at the Beverly Middle on a bad ground, Jacklynn came face-to-face with the lovely Pomeranian who started it all, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

“As soon as I saw her I realized we were close relatives,” Jacklynn says of affection Zoe at first vision. “I basically stepped out of the lift, saw her in a pet shop and stepped directly towards her.” (A shop that now is out of company, since the public has become aware of puppy dog generators and the bad company of reproduction.) “A worker known as Angel was holding her from the case in the front towards the returning. He said she didn’t have as much value because she wasn’t a teacup Pomeranian. I inquired if I could hold her and realized right then that I had to have her. I later discovered that the name Zoe means lifestyle, which is suitable because she’s the romance of my life!”

Like many new dog mother and father, Jacklynn instantly went out and purchased every book she could discover about Pomeranians and dog good care. Soon, though, Jacklynn would discover more about our four-legged buddies than she ever thought. Within days of providing Zoe home she became strongly ill from an disease as a result of being designed into a puppy dog work – professional dog reproduction industries that consider benefit more important than the well-being of the creatures they’re reproduction. Luckily, with the romance and good care from Jacklynn, Dr. Mark Werber and an organization of amazing veterinarians in Los Angeles, Zoe was able to combat off the disease.

Jacklynn’s trip with Zoe and Izzy has trained her more than she ever thought about the insurance fitness of animals, particularly little types. She’s become a random professional on everything from the types of leads and uses they need, to how to determine a good creature medical practitioner, dog daycares, pet rescue categories, as well plenty of attacks and medical concerns that can easily be avoided with knowledge. It’s Jacklynn’s passion for dogs, and the useful information she seems interested in discuss, that motivated her to make ZoeDoggy of Beverly Mountains.

“Getting out of that lift on a bad ground was the very best thing that’s ever occurred to me,” Jacklynn says. “I’ve always liked kitties and other creatures, but having Zoe and Izzy has made me understand that animals and entrepreneurs have an original connection you just can’t discover with other animals. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day I have; they never are not able to bring a grin to my experience when I enter the entrance. And it just makes me so pleased to see them grin and wag their tails that I can’t help but provide them with so much really like right returning.