It’s a well-known fact that a person’s shoes tell a lot about them. A perfect pair of shoes is empirical to showcase your sartorial taste and dignity. When heading to any important corporate event, formal leather shoes can be the best choice for men. And when it comes to footwear, it is important to buy the best quality leather shoes as low-quality ones can bother in a lot in terms of duration, comfort and outlook. Following are some of the factors that should be considered when buying leather shoes:


The budget-in-hand determines the type of shoes you are going to purchase. The best quality of top-tier brands can be pricey and not affordable for everyone. But once bought, leather shoes can last you a long, long time. However, one should research the market adequately and gauge if they will be able to acquire any pair from various collections with minimal strain to their budget. Brands like Stacy Adams, Cole Haan and Elite Leather are some that may be looked into when you’re doing your research.

  2. Surface of the Shoe

The feel of the shoe’s surface plays an important role in deciding the variety of leather. A pair of genuine leather shoes will have a grainy and refinished surface. It won’t have a plastic feel or artificial finish that is common with faux leather.

 3. Comfort

Comfort is another important factor when it comes to shoes. An uncomfortable pair of footwear can ruin your day and make you suffer. A good-quality and light-weighted shoe can make you feel like you have hardly worn anything at your feet. No matter how expensive a shoe is, the level of comfort it provides is paramount.

 4.Type of Leather

There are various types of leather used for leather shoes. Full-grain, smooth and corrected grain leather are some of the extensive ranges used in shoe-making. The buyers should be able to make an informed choice of what type they should go for, and this is mostly dictated by their needs and budget.

 5.The Insole and Lining

The insole is the inside part of the shoe that runs underneath and supports the bottom of the shoe. The insole of a shoe is an important indicator of the quality and comfort and it should be checked in detail. An extra padded sole and genuine lining ensure comfort and that extra layer of cushioning between the shoe and foot makes the grip of your shoe sturdy.

Authentic leather on the insole and lining encourages the shoe quality to remain the same for a longer period and eliminates the chance of bad foot smell.

 6.Sole of the Shoe

The sole is an integral part of a shoe that comes in direct contact with the ground. There are various types of sole material including natural rubber, extra light-weight sole for long walking hours and leather soles. This part of a shoe is an important element and it must be inspected carefully when buying footwear.

It is prescribed that the sole of the shoe ought to be sewed to the upper surface rather than glued. Genuine Leather shoe soles can be replaced whenever needed and they can get a new life again.

  7.Shoe fitting

Fitting is another important factor that has to be considered while buying a new pair of shoes. An ill-fitted shoe can go out of shape and has a chance of getting wrinkled in a short period of time but a leather shoe made by an experienced craftsman will fit well and act as a part of your foot. Custom made shoes can also be made to fit, enabling better quality and wear over time.

 8. Check for a Plastic Coat

When buying new shoes, carefully look for an unreal shine or a thin sheet of plastic coat on it. This shiny coat is applied on the shoe to make it look more attractive but it peels off gradually with time and also takes the colour coat of the shoe off with it.


Another way to recognize a genuine leather shoe is its fragrance. High-quality leather has its own rich fragrance which cannot come from fake leather. This fragrance is an important indicator of originality and quality as genuine leather does not have any odour of chemicals and plastic.

10. Aesthetics

While comfort and durability of footwear are important, its aesthetics and an elegant finishing of is equally crucial. The perfect colour along with a beautiful silhouette adds attraction in shoes and makes them appealing.

If the shoes are handcrafted, the buyer should check the finesse in terms of colour finishing and stitching. The stitching of formal leather shoes should be well-groomed and seamless.


We all know that shoes can make or break our look and genuine formal leather shoes can make one’s personality outshine. Make sure to choose the right leather shoe for yourself because it can be just the right investment for yourself.