Work environments are said to one of the versatile areas that millennials are entering with complete force. They are focusing on their own trends and implementing various regulations around the offices and other workplaces this year. These regulations are implemented to provide more productive and better-escalated revenues and increased workforce.

Workplaces trends are changing since 2015. Women empowerment, uniform codes and other such issues are being less regarded and more focus is on gaining excessive potential and advantage out of the employees while keeping them motivated and target driven.

There are tons of trends that have changed throughout these years and as usual this year we are facing some of the advanced and drastic changes for the betterment of the companies. These trends are predicted to be the game changers and to create excellent and ideal working environments around the office place:

1- Email Will No More Be The Primary Source Of Internal Communication

Generally a firm regulates rules, announcements, changes and various news through emails, which is was a thing of the past. Now a day, the new generations are making a more meaningful impact in their workforce, labeling email to be a slow and less interactive mode of communication.

They are using Instant Messengers and Live Chats to stay connected with the team and to improve the level of instant connection between the employee and the employers. An email will be a less primary force that will be used to communicate with in-house and other faster and more reliable methods will be opted for.

2- Balancing Time Schedule Will Be A Priority For The Employers

Employers are well aware of the fact that employees get exhausted in a 9-5 job-cycle and tired after they have been off the work. Thus balancing their lifestyle is highly difficult. Therefore, they aren’t focusing on the selective timetables.

Nowadays, employers are working with their HR departments to devise more impactful and standardized work hours and shifts that will get the best out of the employees’ time in the office. The Internet has been proven to be helpful in this regard and, therefore, work from home is a benefit that many companies provide.

Other than time, shortening the hours and not working late night shifts is also a rule that is implemented in many companies, to keep the employees active and promising in their tasks and in the work environment.

3- Adding Benefits And Compensations Will Be In The Agenda Of HR Professionals

Other than eliminating the strict office hours, companies and employers are also setting up ground-breaking compensations and new regulations around their offices. Employee benefits generally include health insurance and other such facilities that aren’t quite what the employee expects after driving up the sales or landing some excellent pitches.

Food compensation and students loans are the next major benefits that firms are providing. This is an excellent chance to increase your productivity, to be majorly qualified and to master skills. Of course, such benefits will take time but we are expecting a greater number this year to introduce these terms to the company.

Moreover, companies are eliminating the need for annual reviews. Instead of reviewing the performances one time in a year, they are going for quicker and faster reviews that will also motivate the employees to work in a better environment.

4- Work Culture Will Become Even Harmonious

As the diversity of the work culture is expanding, it is necessary that the company improves their working environment too that meet the regular standards. The advanced metrics are used to take the lead and to give the employees a better working experience that is free from ethnic and cultural biases and where all employees are treated equally.

5- Rapid And Improved Feedback Will Improve Performance Of Workers

Feedbacks from the working sectors tell the seniors how the company is running and what is needed to improve its working experience. This method is being increased and continuous feedback is demanded from the employees that will help them have a better working experience and a suitable environment where their skills will be valued and motivated.

Feedback isn’t something that should be coming from the clients only. It is an employee relationship point that should be used up to its best advantage.

6- There Will Be More Focus On Teamwork

Instead of burdening an individual with a task and keeping up with the performance levels, companies will direct their workforce into separate teams and more focused will be on diverting a single man task to a couple of team members.

This will improve their skills, motivate the members to work and collaborate with their peers and will also help them to incorporate patience, testing, and observance skills into the team players. This precise change will help the freshers to assist further in other activities.

7- There Will Be Collaborative Office Designs

Instead of assigning a floor to various employees and keeping them in tight cubicles for 8 hours a day, the companies are banishing this infrastructure for a more open and collaborative team force that will help the employees to coordinate and assist each other.

This method will get rid of the cubicles and the extra office spaces allowing more space and area for the workforce to work on the same level and connect with each other independently. Not only that, but this recommended design is already being implemented at companies that are solely run by millennials.

8- There Will Be More Benefits For Job Seeker

What is important for a brand is to attract the outsiders with various opportunities and prospects that will help them communicate with the company in a more effective and proficient manner. Companies are now introducing time-saving and cost effective portals for members that will help them apply for jobs and create profiles where they can manage their skills and careers.

Instead of having the same interface, companies are focusing on a customer friendly and simple data exchange that will make the process smoother and functioning.

9- There Will Be Better Job Responsibilities For Middle Management Professionals

Middle management is the most underrated professionals who often get overlooked. But this year we are predicting that middle managers will get a more precise and effective role in the system. These will increase their opportunities and will help them focus on more intense and coordinating systems of the company.

Other than only managing the subordinates and the clerks of their team, they will have better roles and advanced learning opportunities that will shape their futures for the better. Because of their intense decision making and problem-solving skills and the excellent management services, they will rule the workplace for sure.

10- The Use Of VR-Based Recruiting And Training Processes Will Rise

The initial interviews as we generally expect are over phone calls and face to face interviews that no doubt take much of your time. This year Virtual Reality is marking its place in the system and is evolving into the number of uses that companies can use it for.

Instead of traditionally training your employees with employee guides, case studies, documentation, demos, practicums, and probations, companies are using the VR technology to train their employees using the advanced methods.

These methods will include all the various techniques of familiarizing with the company standards, getting through a technical and a logical assessment test to mark your abilities and then proceeding on video calls and internet call sessions to seal the deals instead of wasting a second of anyone’s time.

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