One of the biggest challenges start-up companies face is gathering enough capital to set up shop. Having an office built from the ground up, either by renovating rented space or actually constructing something from scratch, takes a lot of time, money, and energy — things that we can no longer afford to waste or spread too thinly over a long period of time. It’s also equally daunting to maintain property these days, given that taxes have shot through the roof to high for anyone who has yet to be established in the market. It’s disheartening, to say the least. 

3 Ways Coworking Spaces Save You Time and Money

Big Savings from Rent and Construction Costs

But current and future start-ups no longer have to worry about these things, because shared office rental spaces, such as this Granite Park coworking space, are now on the rise. These spots are convenient because they offer amenities found in regular office spaces at a much more affordable price — and because, given they’re already built, they do away with the anxiety of constructing or renovating space! Why bother worrying about how real estate prices have skyrocketed when you can always get your projects started up at a coworking space? 

No need for Pantries and Commissaries

So too have the cost of goods soared real high real fast, so instead of holding an inventory of food and drinks at work, you could always order food and drinks served by these coworking spaces, or head to nearby establishments for a quick bite. Common Desk is one such place. Not only do they serve only the best locally-crafted beers and the best hand-crafted coffee-based drinks, it is also surrounded by some of the best restaurants in the Granite Park area. You could either head out for a bite, or get take-away, come back to your working area, and proceed with your tasks while enjoying your meal. 

Zero-cost Utilities and Maintenance

Not owning your own working space means not having to worry about monthly utility and maintenance bills. That’s at least 10% off your monthly operational costs, which, if you were to think about it, is still pretty huge savings! You can now allot more resources to the other aspects of your business or projects, thus allowing your venture to grow faster. Your worries lessen even more because you don’t need to think about troubleshooting possible issues with electricity, water, Internet, and the such. That’s definitely one less thorn on your side.

The only downside to setting up shop at a coworking space is that you don’t own the space. You are subject to the policies of the management, and you have maintain your courtesy to the other patrons of the establishment. It’s not much of a con if you think about it, because it’s only right and fair that you conduct your business with propriety, respect, and regard for others, which is also how you should still run things once you have your own working space — which you will later down the road after you’ve saved on expenses by taking advantage of these coworking spaces.