A baggage trailer is one of the most familiar sights on the tarmac at an airport. Its purpose is to deliver bags and suitcases to and from airplanes. These cases and bags belong to passengers so they must be handled with care. This makes it extremely important to have a baggage trailer that’s perfectly suited for the job. Discover five things to look for in a quality baggage trailer.

5 Things To Look For In A Quality Baggage Trailer

A Sturdy, Flexible Tow Bar

The tow bar on a baggage trailer gets connected to and disconnected from trucks all day. This means it has to be both sturdy and flexible. In short, a tow bar must be prepared to handle the weight on a baggage trailer as well as the various movements of the trailer itself as it’s traveling across the tarmac. A tow bar designed to be removed and connected safely is something else to consider when evaluating a baggage trailer.

Reliable Brakes

Sometimes it’s necessary for a baggage trailer to come to a quick stop. Perhaps another trailer is heading toward it or a bag falls off the trailer. No matter the circumstance, a baggage trailer must have reliable brakes that are ready to use whenever they’re needed. Reliable brakes on a baggage trailer can certainly prevent some accidents from occurring on the busy tarmac at an airport.

Durable Wheels

The wheels on a baggage trailer must move across wet or dry cement, bumpy ground and maybe even a crack or two. The type of weather they travel on depends on the area of the country where the airport is located. Durable wheels are a must- have on any baggage trailer. The trailer must remain upright and moving in a balanced way in order to deliver the bags safely to their destination. Furthermore, the casters must match the wheels in level of quality. Hamilton casters are an example of a trustworthy product suited for a baggage trailer.

A Secure Frame

A secure frame on a baggage trailer keeps the bags in place on their journey to and from the airplane. So, they should not bend or move as the trailer maneuvers along its path. Also, the sides of the frame should be removable if there is a need to adjust the arrangement of the bags or cases. In addition to being secure, the frame should be easy to clean. A baggage trailer takes on dirt, dust, mud and other debris. Power washing it should get it clean.

A Weather Resistant Cover

If it is snowing, raining or there is a mist in the air, it’s best to protect the bags and suitcases on a baggage trailer. This is usually done with a durable plastic cover. It fits over the trailer allowing moisture to run off the sides instead of seep into the cargo. This is another essential feature of a quality baggage trailer. Sometimes just a simple plastic cover that provides a secure fit can save suitcases and bags from costly damage.

Investing in quality baggage trailers is a wise step for airports of any size. This investment will play a part in providing passengers with first-rate customer service.