Be it automotive or medicine, 3D printing has revolutionized numerous industries.

What is 3D Printing?

In layman’s terminology, 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) is a process that is utilized to create a 3D object from a digital file. Additive processes are utilized in creating 3D objects through laying down of successive layers of raw material under the control of a computer. Moreover, a 3D-printed object can take any size or shape. Hence, 3D printed jobs are in great demand.


From a common person’s perspective, to get started with regard to 3D printing can seem challenging. However, there is a high probability that you already possess the skills and resources in getting started, which is good. 3D printing is surging in popularity because it gives people the ability to create one-of-its-kind products in a short duration without massive production costs. Hence, there are scores of vacancies for 3D printed jobs. Free online 3D printing services and 3D modelling software make it simpler for anybody to get started with 3D printing. Mentioned below are the 3D printing resources and skills, which pave the way for 3D printed jobs once you have mastered them.

(1) Creativity

Every project commences with an idea. The wonderful thing about 3D printing is you can transform your idea quite easily into reality. You do not have to construct anything using your hands: the 3D printer will perform the task. All that needs to be done on your part is preparing a blueprint of what needs to be printed. Therefore, creativity is the key. You need to think out of the box when it comes to 3D printing because sky is the limit when it comes to deciding what object you want to create.

(2) Photography Skills

Is your cell phone handy? Is it equipped with a digital camera? If you can click a photograph, you are on the right track in creating a basic 3D model. A burgeoning subset of 3D printing includes designers who are at the forefront of printing 3D photographs. Most people would appreciate the idea of creating 3D prints on the basis of a photograph or image.

(3) Drawing Skills

When you start with 3D printing, it is common for individuals to get stuck. If you are stuck with your design, drawing your problem literally can help. Even if you are an amateur artist, the very skill of drawing can refresh your mind. Besides knowing measurements and programming, the skill of sketching activates diverse and important thought processes. After all, drawing is an innate ability. Therefore, if you are ever stuck during the design process, move away from your PC. Get hold of a pencil, and start sketching on paper. You will then find out that your drawing skills help you to access a majority of 3D modelling software with ease.

(4) Modelling

If you are a regular user of the computer, you definitely possess the practical skills in using design software. Utilizing a 3D designing program for creating and printing a design should be simple. Keep in mind that there is no exclusive software that everybody uses because there are plenty of 3D modelling programs. If you know the art of modelling in 3D and have hands-on experience with 3D modelling software, it is important to finalize your 3D design for 3D printing. Post mastery of 3D modelling software, you can produce stunning objects.

(5) Networking

If you lack the above skills, but possess a tremendous hunger for curiosity, you can view yourself as a “maker.” Makers take immense pride in making and creating things, while honing their skill set. A majority of them print their projects in a three-dimensional pattern.

The above-mentioned skills are the requisite skills to bag 3D printed jobs. Use your natural skills to find out what clicks with you. It is important to find your passion and master it.