Lanyards are straps or cords worn around the wrist, shoulder or neck for carrying items like identification cards or keys. In the military arena, these were used for arming fuze mechanism on air-dropped bombs and for firing artillery pieces. The material, design and style used in making a lanyard are completely dependent on the purpose for which the lanyard will be used. Common materials used for making a lanyard include nylon, polyester, satin, polyethylene terephthalate or PET, silk, braided paracord and braided leather. So, a lanyard can be described as a short wire or rope used for suspending almost anything. Nowadays, people use these short wires or ropes quite creatively in the following manner:


This is perhaps one field where lanyards are used in an extensive range. Be it office or trade fairs, you will surely find people walking with multicolor strings with their IDs or name tags dangling. These are the most attractive and the cheapest methods of promoting a business in larger gatherings. There is not a single person who misses out on the vibrant and the bright color of a lanyard. These can also be personalized with company name along with a message. There are many organizations that offer these strings for free to all the visitors at several trade fairs while there are some using these promotional strings in mailers. Even schools make use of a lanyard for identifying grades. These are useful items for organizing huge events.


It is very difficult for campers to survive in a camp if they lose a compass, a knife or any other camping equipment. Here the best solution comes in the form of a lanyard. It can be used for securing almost anything during a camp. There are people who use it for hanging washed vessels on branches of trees for drying them and for cooling wine bottles in a river.


A lanyard is of great use in boating. Not a single boater will be able to manage a boating expedition without it. From water bottles to map cases to paddles, almost everything has to be secured using it and this will make the journey a successful one.

At Home

The best way of using a lanyard in a creative manner is in the house. Most of the times, people face a lot of problems when they are unable to locate a bottle opener, a can opener or a nail cutter. This can easily be hooked up in the kitchen where it can be used for hanging each and every important tool. You can use this item for hanging gadgets like nail cutters and can openers and even some of the most important keys.

In the Garage

You can also use a lanyard in your garage, but for the same reason as you would need it in the house. Even in the garage you need to be equipped with all sorts of tools and the best medium of storing these tools is by using it. Creativity is something that makes the entire world go in all dimensions except round. This is considered one of the most effective mediums of expression. Nowadays, you can easily get hold of beaded, plastic and leather lanyards in various shapes, braids and knots. For more information visit here