Drones are often referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are flying machines that are capable of flying without having a human pilot present in the vehicle.


Drones are controlled by remote control systems, usually computer based. The device with which a drone launches, navigates and land is referred to as a controller. Controllers can take several forms ranging from computer controllers, smart phone controllers and tablet controllers. Controllers communicate with drones usually through radio waves. The essence of the controller is to transmit commands to the drone. These commands determine the functions of the drone.


There are three categories of drones based on their respective range. More information about cheap drones for sale you can find at http://flying-drones.expert/drones-for-sale/ website related to quadcopters’ reviews.

1. Close range drones

These are drones that can be controlled within a range of 50 km. The type of battery used by these class of drones gives them a flight time of between 1-6 hours.

2. Short range drones

This is a class of drones that can be controlled within a range of 150 km. They have a flight time of between 8-12 hours.

3. Mid-Range drones are much ahead of the initial two categories in that they have better speed and can be controlled within a range of 650 km. They also have a flight time of 12-24 hours.


Drones are used for a variety of uses. They include:

1. Aerial Photography and Videography

One of the most popular uses of drones is Aerial Photography. A close range drone can be fitted with a high performing camera that would be used to take photographs of areas that could be dangerous for humans to go. One of the popular uses of drones in aerial photography is wildlife photography. With the invention of drones, it is now relatively easier to take pictures and record videos of animals in the wild.

2. Mapping

Another popular use of drones is that they are used to draw maps of different locations. Drones have been widely by city and municipal governments for the purpose of mapping.

3. Disaster Response

Another popular use of drones is in the area of disaster response. Drones have been widely used in cases of fire outbreak to immediately access the extent of the inferno and evaluate possible control options.


There are different amazing drones currently available in the market with each having its unique feature and specialty. The most popular ones are:

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter

This is a drone that features a 4K UHD Video Camera. The drone is capable of producing high quality images and has a GPS locator on board which enables the human pilot to easily ascertain the location of the drone. This drone is currently available on Amazon. The remote controller was specifically designed to make flying the quantum 3 and capturing aerial film easier. The controller is comfortable and easy to hold. The camera is impressive as it shoots 1080p video and up to sixty frames per second. The Phantom 3’s intelligent flight system design makes it one of the easiest drones to fly with several flight features only requiring one touch of a button. One of these features is the auto take off which can be done with just one touch of a button. Another feature is the Auto Return Home. By just pressing a button, the drone can return back to its origination point without any assistance. The pilot app is easy to use and comes with several incredible features which includes video editing. The video editing software allows you to edit your pictures and videos to achieve the best visual effects. The pilot app also allows for live streaming which allows you to send to YouTube your flying videos in real time. The pilot app has a flight replay that allows you to playback your flight in full. The Phantom 3 is currently the most popular drone in the market.

DJIT600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter

This is a drone that enables dual control. One person can fly the drone and another control the camera in other to have the best flight footage. The 4K camera can perform a 360 degree aerial video and photography with the capability of 720 HD live video output. The images captured on the camera are always very clear due to the 12 megapixel capability. The drone has a high capacity battery and provides the ability to track battery status. In terms of the component technology, camera quality and ease of use, the drone may be referred to as a game changer.

Parrot PF725100 Bebop Drone

This drone has a 1080p video and 14MP photos capability. The drone features З-axis sensor driven image stabilization of clear quality and focusing. The drone also has autopilot features which uses GPS technology. The drone is compatible with the Linux based flight computer for smooth operations. This drone gets off the ground easily, all you have to do is turn it on and wait for the Wi-Fi signal to show up on the list of networks on your phone or tablet. If you are flying with either a tablet or a phone, you have three control options.

These are Normal, Ace and Joypad. Joypad works like a typical transmitter. Launch and landing is done just by tapping a virtual button at the bottom of the screen.

Yuneec Q500 4K

The Yuneec Q500 4K has a noticeably larger design than most of its competitors. One of the great qualities of this drone is its smart mode, which is relatively easy for a person to fly even without prior drone flying experience. The image quality of the drone is very good, just as the name suggests, it shoots a 4K video. Aside the smart mode is the Angle mode. The angle mode is for professional drone fliers who have a great experience in flying drones. Then finally, the drone has a home mode, which is the autopilot feature that enables it return safely to the origination point without assistance provided that there are no obstacles in its way.