Utilizing the advanced technology a point of sale (POS) system offers can do wonders for a business of any size, especially those in the food industry.

Better transaction processing, secure data storage, and an overall better customer experience are just some of the benefits restaurant POS systems give those trying to satisfy customers and make a profit.

However, it’s important to know before your retire your traditional cash registers, some of the common issues facing restaurant point of sale systems so you can prepare for those things ahead of time.

1. Data Hacking

Running a restaurant entails collecting payments from customers using credit cards on a daily basis. And, while most up to date POS systems have security measures built into them, data breaches are still a reality.

Just ask Target.

Make sure you invest in a reliable POS system so you don’t end up in a court dispute because someone hacked your system and stole your customers’ personal and financial information.

 2. Inaccurate Data Reporting

One of the best things about using a POS system is that you can now access detailed business data related to employees, inventory, transactions, and more. However, technology is known to falter sometimes, so relying on it 100% without ever double-checking to make sure the numbers add up is a mistake (and a costly one if you don’t catch the faulty system error early on).

4 Problems Facing Restaurant POS Systems

3. Failure to Track Promos

There might be times when you run specials at your restaurant. For instance, charity nights, happy hours, and holiday specials are great ways to get more customers through the door and buying your food. However, if your POS system is not properly set up to accept and track promotions and discounts, you could end up with a lot of problems.

For instance, you might accidentally overcharge customers (which is really going to be a problem) or mess with your financial statements. Either way, it can negatively affect your business.

4. Usage Issues

Training your employees to know how to operate your POS systems is a good idea. An even better idea is to train them regularly on how to handle issues they might encounter during the daily lunch rush.

After all, it’s often system failures that cause the most problems for both restaurant employees and customers.

Take the time to train your employees, especially managers how to troubleshoot common issues so you don’t have to worry all the time, or worse, be called in on your days off to fix POS system problems.