Building a website or webshop starts with the Rocket with setting a goal. When did the website or webshop do the right thing? What should it achieve? Then we look at how we can achieve this goal. What is required for the website or webshop and what is needed outside the website or webshop?

1. Content Inventory

We start the project with a content inventory. A content inventory is an inventory of the content (content) of your website: which pages are present and which parts (text, buttons, links etc.) are on those pages? How it is done depends on whether an existing website already exists or whether the website is completely new. Central to the content inventory: what content should the new website receive?

2. Wireframe

As soon as we know what content the website will receive, we will make a wireframe. A wireframe is a schematic sketch showing where the content comes. Colors, shapes, sizes and other details are not discussed here. So far the web development Singapore services are concerned, you can be sure that you will be coming with the best options for the same now.

3. Graphic Design

After the wireframe has been approved, we start with the design of the website. Here the wireframe is used as a basis. Depending on the agreements that have been made, we deliver 1 or more designs. Often the design goes back 2 times to the designer to make a big change once and to make small changes. We show the image of the design in the web browser so that the design can be seen in the right format and in the right environment. This way it is easier to judge whether the design is what you want or not.

4a. Web Development

When the design is fully approved, we start building the website. It is often thought that the image of the design can easily be converted into a working website. Nothing is less true, almost every part of the website is coded by hand. There is not only a desktop version built, but also a version that is appropriate and works well on tablet and also one for the smartphone. During construction, the new website is often located in a different location than the current website of the customer. For example, the website is only unavailable for a short time during the transfer of the new website.

4b. Photos

Photos often form an important part of the website. Now that the design is fixed and the dimensions of the images are known, the photos can be made, selected and / or edited. Sometimes stock photos are sufficient, but often photos have to be made to measure. We can advise and arrange and / or brief a photographer.

4c. Texts

Just like the photographs, texts are also an important part of a good website. Texts must fit with the company and be written to suit customers. We can also offer support in this. In addition, we can ensure that texts are written as optimally as possible for search engines without making it less readable for the visitor of the website.