Web design is one of the strongest and effective ways to boost your earnings over the internet. Whether you’re selling services or a product, one thing is synonymous with any kind of business; creativity.

Creating websites isn’t just a simple service that you can take from a random company and hope to achieve your goals. Web designing is a form of digital art that only a very few can understand. Unfortunately anyone can put up and design a website that doesn’t really send a positive message to the users.

A creative design not only easy on the eyes, it is also easily usable by the people who use it. According to a recent research, the following positive aspects of creating a creative web design were observed.

  1. 3 and a half people out of 10 fail to complete even the simplest tasks on an average site.
  2. A well designed creative website will cause a customer to stay on the site for up to 60 seconds more than an average website.
  3. 18% likely share and follow the website more if it is well designed.

So from the report, it is evident now that why a creative design should be your top priority.

Here are some other major reasons for making sure your website is very well designed.

Great sites help boost your brand image

A business thrives on branding. Without a brand, no one will ever remember your business. So how do you boost your brand so that everyone who visits your site remembers you? You try your best to create a very powerful web design that is creative and effective.

Creative and simple websites will send out the message that your brand is modern, useful and service based. Any website that has a user friendly page makes sure that the customers feel trusted with your business.

In other words, your site directly reflects your branding and your business. With a creative and well designed website, you have the ultimate control over how the customer sees your business.

Double up your conversion rate

Did you know it’s a fact that if you have a well designed website, you get more customers and even better conversions? This is simply because a creative design aims to make sure that the customer isn’t provided with bluff on the website. Instead it gives them what they want without wasting their time.

So if your web design is simple but creative, it will make sure that your customers are not distracted by anything other than the message you want to send them.

You reach even more customers

With ecommerce taking over the internet, many businesses are now expanding over the internet. This means that there is more competition than ever. An online shop works pretty much in the same manner as a physical shop.

Imagine you’re on the streets and you see two clothing stores. One store is set up pretty nicely and the other didn’t put in too much effort into making their store look good. Who do you think will get the more customers? The store that paid attention to its outlook or the one that didn’t care?

The answer is obvious. Over the internet it works the same way. Customers browse through different stores looking for the same product but they always choose from a website that wins their trust. And how is their trust won? Through a very well made web site.

Your site is more functional and ultimately more respected

Like mentioned earlier, creativity doesn’t mean having a couple of very beautiful graphics on the website. It is also about how well your site functions. If a user comes to your website and can’t easily navigate through the various pages you have, they’ll go away in an instant.

But what if your website has a great functional design that makes sure the user easily navigates through your website?

It ultimately increases the time they spend on the website. And when they spend more time on the website, they also tend to make decisions in favor of the website they are browsing through.

Now you know why certain businesses online make better sales on the internet than many others. With creatively designed web sites, you’re always making sure you’re better than others.

This article is contributed by: Xceedbd.com