HR is an entity that recruits and hires employees in an organization. In addition to that, they are involved in payroll management of the staff, designing code of conducts and policies. HR is mainly hated for their practices to hire people on lesser salaries than market slabs and exploiting their helplessness but it is what they are trained for.

Let us see what 2017 will bring us in terms of HR trends

1.     Adoption Of Mobile Means

Web –based cloud management system in HR is expected to be replaced by mobile apps. Why? It is because mobile means can gravely improve flexibility. Gadgets like wearable watches will replace employee engagement issues such as health and wellness programs. Although HRs around the globe has been slow to adopt mobile technologies but is certainly a trend that we can see, come 2017.

2.     EEOE (Equal Employment Opportunity Enforcement)

Equal Employment Opportunity Enforcement (EEOE) seeks to strategically enforce EEO laws in the US. It is the second time the government has taken this initiative. This is to ensure that no distinction is made based on someone’s caste, gender, color or creed. The act is to remove the hiring ills and instead protect vulnerable workers lot.

It also aims to etch that workers are compensated fairly and if the violation is found, the employer may be penalized. The EEOE act has asked those employers and contractors (with a minimum count of 100 employees) to fill in the government on the number of hours each employee/worker works so that any discrepancies in pay structure can be determined. Only 2017 will tell to what extent this is implemented.

3.     Improved Employee Flexibility

Amidst the economic conditions the world is facing retention of your best employees is the biggest modern-day issue for HR. If the turnover of such employees is higher, it costs a business/organization of up to 20% of the initial human capital investment. The percentage is up to 200% with executive positions.

In 2017, therefore, the idea is to offer transparent feedback facility to employees. They can track their progress from their company assigned portal eliminating the concept of nepotism. Partially, employees resign is because management is favoring other people over the hard working people and also because they feel the lack of proper feedback being communicated to them

Hence, the next-gen HR technology will favor healthy lifestyle and work/life balance in employees.

4.     Increased Freelance Work

By 2017, it is said that there will be greater than 40 percent of the workforce that will either be engaged in freelancing, gig-economy or part-time work. With freelancers, it gets a bit tricky because they work as per their convenience and to account for their hours billed can become an issue.

As discussed with mobile mechanisms in place (above), the tracking of this sort of workforce will be easier such as their payroll management along with full-time employees of course.

5.     Big Data Game

The buzz word “Big Data” is making waves everywhere. And it’s just not the word it’s the science behind Big Data that enable organizations to make well-informed decisions. Same applies to any HR of the organization.

If HR is can use predictive methods/statistical models to determine which hired employee will be the ‘good fit’ for the organization and that too in the longer run, wouldn’t it be awesome? Plus with researches being conducted greater insights into the world of human resources are at the disposal of HR personnel.

Therefore, 2017 is going to be a kick-ass year for the developing trends in HR. Although a lot has been suggested, it is high time these suggestions are put into practice. Let us know in the comments if you think we missed out on any ongoing HR trend that is sure to transpire into a major one next year.

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