All over the net, you will find kitchen hacks, tips, and tricks, which claim you have never tried before. We have done some substantial research and searched all over the web and come up with the top seven which we have tried and tested, and they have changed our life. We love our readers, and we want to share all this good knowledge and information so you can enjoy the things you love by saving time when in the kitchen.

Wash and Cut Potatoes With Ease

Washing and cutting potatoes will take up most of your time when preparing meals. You can make this easier by using one of two methods. Either sticks them in the dishwasher without the soap and run on a fast cycle or use a clean exfoliating bath glove to scrub them. Either use a simple gadget to chop them or cut in two and then again for medium sized cubes.

How To Cook and Tender and Juicy Roast

Roasting a turkey is probably the hardest roasting that you will ever do. Cooking a turkey for the first time is hard, and even the pro’s don’t get it right every time. The first important thing is picking out the right bird. Never buy a frozen turkey but instead go for a fresh one. After you have prepared the bird for roasting fill your pan up with vegetables, this will help keep the moisture in the turkey. Make sure you turn the turkey over to roast on both sides and cover the bird with butter and garlic to make sure it doesn’t dry out during cooking!

Defrost Meat Without a Microwave

When making dinner, there is nothing more frustrating than needing to whip up a quick meal but having only frozen meat on hand. If you don’t have a microwave that will defrost your meat, then you can try this instead. Either heat some hot water on the stove, use the kettle or just use hot water from your tap. Put your meat into a zip lock bag and place it in the water. Depending on the size your meat should defrost within about ten minutes. Defrosting this way is a straightforward and safe trick which works when you want to defrost your meat!

 Clean The Microwave Quicker

There are many ways you can clean your microwave to make it look like new but who wants to cover their microwave in bleach? Try something natural and organic, and this following method is proven actually to work. In a small bowl which is microwave safe, fill it halfway with water. Slice a lemon into two and squeeze the juice into the water. Then add the lemon skins into the water. Microwave for three minutes and let stand for another five. Don’t open the door because the steam will help loosen any bits of food stuck to the inside. You can now open the door and wipe away, everything will come away easily, and your microwave will now look and smell great!

Use Your Waffle Iron For Various Meals

Although a waffle iron is made for waffles, there are some tasty things you can make in this appliance. Making a grilled cheese sandwich is a quick and easy take on a different breakfast. You can even try omelets or mini doughnuts if they grab your fancy. From sweet to savory there is something surely you will love. Try it now in your waffle iron.

7 Must Know Hacks For The Kitchen

Chill Your Wine Quicker

If you have some wine which needs a quick chill then fill up a bucket with ice and cold water and add some salt to the water. The salt will cool it a lot, faster. If you don’t have any ice on hand, then grab a dish towel and wet it with water, wrap it around the wine bottle and pop it into your freezer. Your wine should be chilled in about ten minutes.

Peel Boiled Eggs With Ease

Boiled eggs are tasty and full of protein. They, make for great sandwich fillings, salad sauces, and side dishes. Eggs are super easy to make but a pain to peel. The key to peeling boiled eggs is patience. When you have boiled your eggs, you need to transfer the eggs to a bowl filled with ice and cold water. Chill the boiled eggs until they are cold all the way through. Place in your fridge for another fifteen minutes and then take them out to peel. The cooling process allows the egg to shrink making them easier to peel away from the membrane. Roll them gently on a hard surface until they crack and then the shell should pop away with ease!

Having a quality vegetable cropper and a meat slicer too can make your kitchen job way to easier.

Hope you enjoyed all these hacks and ready to change the way you work in your kitchen.