Whether you have a startup or are a freelancer tired of working out of your home, you can give your clients the impression that you are a larger company than you actually are by having a business address. However, you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds per month to lease an office, since you can have a virtual office to work out of for just a fraction of that cost. Here are five benefits of leasing a virtual office.

Keep Operating Capital

Operating capital is precious for any new business and if you have a virtual office, you will have more of it to spend on your business instead of overhead. You won’t have to buy furniture, hire a staff, pay utilities, or lease expensive office space. Instead, a virtual office will have everything you need to conduct business from furniture to equipment to Internet access depending on the agreement that you sign.

Place to Meet Clients

Even if you still work from home as a freelance writer, graphic designer, or webmaster, you can temporarily lease space to meet with clients. Instead of inviting strangers over to your home or meeting them in a restaurant, you can have the use of a conference room to meet with clients and discuss how your services can meet their needs. In many cases, you can also offer them beverages and snacks during your meeting, just as you would at a regular office.,

Someone to Answer Phones

You won’t have to worry about missing important telephone calls or package deliveries when you hire space at a virtual office. Part of the service that they offer is the use of a virtual receptionist to take messages and accept mail for you. If having a virtual receptionist to take messages when you have an important meeting to attend or accept overnight deliveries for you sounds like something you need, then go here to learn more: www.velocityvirtual.com/.

Full Range of Amenities

Whether you lease a virtual office to work there every day or only a few times a month, you will have a full range of amenities available to you. There are fully stocked kitchens and breakrooms where you can relax with a cup of tea or eat lunch when you’re hungry. You will have use of a private gym in which to work out or you can contact onsite support if you’re having issues with the equipment or the Internet connection and need help getting back to work.

Productivity Increases

Many people find it easier to work in an office environment than at home because it is a more conducive business environment. In addition, they have all of the equipment and services that they need at their fingertips, so they can get more work done. By leasing space in a virtual office, you can be more productive because you can get more done during your day.

Leasing a virtual office is a good option for startups who need office space in which to work and meet with clients.