Looking for a good and reliable gun safe is always been crucial when there are a lot of good options available in the market. There are many who make false promises in case of delivering a quality product apart from that they are some who deliver extraordinary performance and won’t sacrifice the safety & security. One of that product is SVB500 gun safe that can fulfill all your requirement and met an expectations of yours at affordable cost. Let us take a look at its features and why it is considered as the best fast access safe in terms of biometric option in the market.

Here are some of the great features of the SVB500 biometric safe:

Overall Design

The SVB500 gun safe is easy to mount under a desk with a solid base. Also, you can mount this vault on the wall for better accessibility. It is large in size as compares to the other safes in the family of gunvaults biometric gadgets, so you can put large size valuables of your concern and can hold large sized guns. Along with this, it can be able to mount on the hard surfaces which makes it much more attractive than the others. It can minimize the risk of robbery to your safe with smart sensing technique to alert you in case anyone tried to access it without having the authenticity to use it. It can be able to mount even at the desk of your office or home.

Drop Down Drawer

One of the most attractive features of this gun safe is that it has the quick to act drop down drawer. It is the attention seeking point in this biometric safe. When you enter the code or put a fingerprint to get access to it with the help of biometric keypad then, the drawer will be released and your valuables will be available for you to quick access. In this way, you can save your time while finding the firearms of your concern.

Use of Biometric Technology

It is the biometric safe which uses the excellent biometric technology in terms of delivering extreme security and reliability. It has the certified sensor installed on the machine. It is very useful for scanning and generating a fingerprint image. Also, it can save up to 120 fingerprints in overall.

Overall Cost

With the ease of access capability and amazing task handling mechanism this biometric will not cost you more. Also the price of this quality product is quite less than its competitors.

Overall Performance

The overall quality of the gun vaults power-packed product is excellent and product is very easy to use. It has the quality and reliability of Gun-vault extremely talented service. It is listed on the shopping website as the best seller product of Gun-vault. They provide you several options that other safes can’t. They provide you:

  • A product which is available in both digital and biometric option.
  • Made with the steel of 18 gauges.
  • It can provide you multiple mounting mechanisms.
  • Has an interior of foam lined for the better protection to the vault.
  • It can be operated within a fraction of seconds with fast activation mode.
  • Audio alerts with LED display with multiple settings.


Today the biometric gun safes are the gift of god for the firearm safety. You can keep all your valuables under the security of reliable cutting edge technology. They are installed with the heavy gauges steel constructed mechanism to meet the buyer’s expectations. The SVB600 is the top picked item for the gun safety with the advanced biometric technology. It is ideal for both business and home purpose.