There is something about the Turks and Caicos Islands, and every visitor will agree, that sets them apart from the rest of the Caribbean; they stands out, they’re special. The islands each offer a unique, relaxed take on Caribbean culture alongside some of the most breath-taking views, exquisite cuisine and fabulous beaches in the world.

But what is it that makes the Turks and Caicos so special? What do they have that is unrivalled across the Caribbean? For more information visit

1. The Beaches

No number of superlatives can do the beaches of Turks and Caicos justice, but we shall try here anyway. There are a number of spectacular coves and stretches of sand across the islands, each full of untouched golden, white sand and sparkling ocean.

There is a beach for everyone on the islands, whether you are searching for thrilling surf or calm, relaxing currents. Water-sports are plentiful but kept separate from the relaxing, peaceful beaches. Grace Bay Beach, in the Princess Alexandra Park is a prime example of how environmentally friend water sports co-exist alongside restful shorelines. Whilst snorkelling and paddle boarding is encouraged, noisy jet skis are forbidden.

If it is exclusivity you are searching for, a number of resorts have their own private beaches. There are several adult only resorts; ideal for romantic beach getaways.

2. The Reef

The Islands feature frequently in the top diving destinations in the world for a number of reasons. The visibility is superb at often over 100 feet, the reef is some 20 miles long and the sea is teeming with an eclectic mix of wildlife. Amongst other things, you’ll be able to explore wrecks, reef and seawalls and can hope to see sharks, dolphins, turtles, tuna and more.

If you have no experience of diving, many resorts offer lessons and even the chance to become certified. You’ll need lessons and a number of dives under your belt; all of which can be achieved during the course of your vacation. Or, alternatively, there are great snorkelling opportunities across the islands. Excursions venture out from most ports and harbours.

3. The Sea

The Caribbean Sea is arguable the most serene, tranquil and interesting in the whole of the Americas. Not only is it perfect to gaze out upon from a golden beach, it is also full of tuna, marlin and other big game fish just waiting for you to try your hand at catching.

Fishing trips run out of almost every port or harbour across the islands, and cater for all anglers of any level of experience. You’ll have the opportunity to catch yellowfin tuna, huge wahoo and Mahi-Mahi before taking them back to your resort for supper!

Alternatively, you can partake in any number of the many water sports on offer across the Turks and Caicos. Almost every resort will offer a mix of water sports including sailing, water skiing, paddle boarding and more. Whilst most of islands are protected by reef, there is some surf to be had around Providenciales.

4. The Food and Drink

On that note, one cannot mention Turks and Caicos without bringing up the magnificent array of seafood on offer. Aside from fish, the islands produce yams and sweet potato. You’ll also find a variety of imported food and so expect to see plenty of your favourites on offer.

The Caribbean is famous for its rum and Turks and Caicos is no different. Bambarra is the local, award winning produce although you’ll find a selection of rums from across the Caribbean. Turk’s Head is the locally brewed beer, although you’ll find a range of your favourites from home and abroad.

5. The Population

The population of the Turks and Caicos are typically Caribbean; laid back, cheerful and helpful. Speaking to the locals will give you a wealth of useful information on where the best beaches are, where to get the best food and drink and where the best parties are if you are that way inclined.

Your concierge will be more than happy to help you plan your holiday, so do not be afraid to enquire about your favourite activities. Whether it is golf, scuba, food or dance, you’ll go far with a helping hand!