Not feeling as productive as you’d like at work? Feeling as if you didn’t accomplish much by the end of the workday can lead to decreased workplace satisfaction and may affect your chances of career growth. Overcome your productivity concerns by following these five simple productivity hacks.

Use the 80-20 Rule

According to 4 Ways to Make your Workweek More Productive, the fact that those who seem to work the hardest don’t get more done than anybody else can be traced back to the 80-20 rule, otherwise known as the Pareto Principle. This principle asserts that 80 percent of the results for any chunk of effort come from 20 percent of the work. Apply this principle to your workdays by putting the first burst of effort into projects and then review that effort to see if the task is complete enough to cross off your list.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks and increasing productivity don’t seem like they should work together. But they do. Burnout at work is one of the biggest hindrances to job productivity. Avoid the problem of burnout by taking breaks when needed each workday. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are a two prime times to check out of your computer and to take a few minutes to reset your focus.

Stop Multitasking

A major misconception regarding productivity that still reigns supreme in many workplaces is that multitasking leads to increased results. But, it actually leads to decreased results. Your mind is only able to concentrate on one task at a time. So, when you try to do too many things at once, or when you’re constantly switching between projects, you’re likely hurting your productivity.

Increase your productivity at work by focusing on one project at a time. If possible, complete the task before moving on to another. This will keep your mind focused and will offer the reward of working through more tasks each day.

Reduce Distractions

Just as you settle in at your desk to work on a major project, a coworker stops by to chat or your office phone starts ringing. Sound familiar? Distractions at work are among the biggest hindrances to productivity. But, the good news is that you have the power to reduce those distractions. Hit the do not disturb button on your phone and set your out of office assistant while working on time sensitive tasks. Also, set a workplace standard of notifying coworkers that you need focus time to complete tasks during certain times of the day.

Use To-Do Lists

Keep track of what you accomplish at work each day with to-do lists. At the start of each day, make a prioritized list of the tasks that you need to complete that day. As you complete a task, cross it off your list and move on to the next. This process can keep you on task and will also help you avoid forgetting any important duties. 24 Tools To Simplify Your Life has a few apps that can help you manage those lists.

Follow these simple productivity hacks to make a big difference at work. From focusing on one task at a time to reducing distractions, enhance your productivity to enjoy possible future payoffs of career advances and more.