Sometimes, you let things be done, canceled meetings or activities because it is not yet time and ultimately not do? I think we all have ever happened, but if this behavior becomes constant by the lack of motivation and other reasons; cells are procrastinating!

Procrastination is a complex behavioral disorder that all human beings possess but varies the extent that it affects us (more or less), it consists in continuously postpone activities that we perform and are important to achieve small goals in our day to day and we decided to replace them with others what irrelevant but pleasant to perform doings; most popular words, is known as the popular “laziness”.

The phenomenon has become multiplier effect, affecting from students, housewives, executives and entrepreneurs without exception. We motivates you to leave the “excuses” sideways because it does not bring anything positive.

Organize Your Workspace

Avoid distractions, we spent a lot of time fetching object by object which we will use in the development of the activity and probably find something else to do and postpone the initial operation. So the next time to watch everything at hand.

Focus on One Task

Sometimes in an attempt to fulfill a task; open social networks, turn on the television, we put your favorite music and eventually focus more attention on the latter than in the initial occupation. It could take turn on the radio, with relaxing or classical music not to start and repeat on the other hand, having the right environment to work.

Estimated Dates or Times

Yes it works! I do it every day, because like you were also developing much this phenomenon and to put time limit, along with a reminder on the phone; I make them effective and efficient as to have an estimated time I know I should finish in this period.

Make Active Breaks

Although it seems “counterproductive” when ideas flow does not take a break of five minutes for physical activity, taking a short walk, etc. Abundant studies show that employees tend to perform better after doing light exercise. This is how the mind relaxes intense activity “cool”. Just do not forget the alarm! You cannot stay alone in the recess.

Breaks the Style

The delay cycle is most common, namely the delivery date, we will hold postponing the activity; until either the last minute. When you fall into the account that is only an “excuse” to avoid doing things. You may be claiming.

They are just a few suggestions, but you can develop any strategy to avoid being a procrastinator, to overcome it is needed most of all attitude and motivation; otherwise you’ll never fall into the procrastination.