Major industries, startups and SMEs are today backed by business software namely ERP or CRM. From the first lead generation to marketing, sales and after sales service, a lot of these functions are handled easily by the software giving the management the overview of their company at a glance.

Now point to be noted here is that implementing an ERP system can be a daunting task right from scope identification to finding the right ERP provider and implementing the software. Success of an ERP software depends heavily on the ERP Vendor. From understanding the scope well to timely implementation, there is a lot that affects the process.

Here are the top 5 traits of a good ERP Software provider in India:

  1. A Solid Clientele – This by default is something which any client asks for before signing up with the ERP Vendor. A good ERP Vendor has worked in all major verticals like Manufacturing, Pharma, Retail, E-Commerce, etc. Also, a variety of ticket size also helps the company to know that the ERP Vendor can handle implementation of a varied range of products and companies. If the ERP Vendor can provide case study, video testimonials or even a word with the Client, it can add value to the offering and the company can be rest assured that their needs will be taken care of.
  2. The Team – The team working on the project at the ERP Vendor’s office are crucial to the project. Hence, along with researching about the Vendor, the company can also invest some time and understand the team strength, their qualifications, past experience of projects like theirs, the expertise, etc. This will help the company to understand if they can truly handover the project to the company or no. A lot of companies get to meet the delivery / project manager when the project has been awarded to the Vendor. Talking with the team and understanding them beforehand, will help the members feel a good about their involvement and there will be sync throughout the implementation and deployment stage.
  1. Localization – Localization helps the company to get support whenever they are in a fix. ERP vendors who have office setups in Tier II and Tier III cities can reach out better to the client in need. Localization is one aspect that the company can look into while selecting the ERP Vendor. As for the Vendor, they can be directly or with the help of Channel Partners in the other Tiers if the cost of setting up office is high.
  1. Implementation process – The Company needs to see the implementation processes which the vendor will be using to deploy the software. This will show the level of expertise and understanding the vendor has. Some processes like discreet and process manufacturing are more complex than the other, for the vendors it becomes a channel to do away with old methods and innovate on how they can make implementation less daunting and faster. A lot of problems ensue while the implementation is happening resulting in failure of the project. Hence, it becomes crucial for the company to evaluate the implementation process in the beginning itself.
  1. Channel Partners – In a country like India where the customers want to meet the sales personnel in person, it is necessary for the company to employ the help of channel partners. The top classification of a channel partner can be done on the basis of – development partner, implementation partner or simply referral partner. The company should enquire about the number of partners that the company has since it implies that they have been in the business for a long time and are passionate to increase their roots. A lot of implementation and development is also carried on by the channel partners, hence, more so the company should enquire into the team that will work with them.

Selecting an ERP Vendor is not an easy task simply because of the money, time and resources that will be dedicated towards the project. The management needs to be patient in their analysis and clear in their requirements. This will help them to lay an easy path for the future.


Neetu Singh

The author is a creative and a technical writer focusing on cloud trends, business intelligence/analytics, SMAC, Industry 4.0, CRM Software Solutions, ERP and HCM technologies. A self-made influencer, she wants to be an Industry 4.0 and cloud evangelist with a penchant for digital marketing. She writes for Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, a provider of robust and scalable enterprise management solutions to mid-sized businesses in India.