Some say ‘Seeing is believing’ is a terminology seldom often used to describe what skills a person intend to showcase. The personality of an individual is defined by judging his character, and most importantly the condition of objects under his influence or possession. The very first thing noticed is home- where the majority of the time is spent. Therefore, one should be very cautious about the renovation of the home. Even if the condition is satisfactory, occasional renovation is necessary for a positive change and great aspirations.

If you are planning to renovate your house interior, it will be wise to start with the ceiling. Yes! Ceilings have the power to transform the visual look of a place from simple to majestic. Vaulted ceilings- commonly known for airiness and vast space- are in style these days. We will have a glance at some of the examples where vaulted ceilings are used.

6 Eye Catching Ceiling Designs For Your Dining Room

by WA Design Architects

Despite the fact that this is a tiny dining room, the owner has invested money and installed a vaulted wooden ceiling to give an illusion of spaciousness which is a key feature of the vaulted ceiling. The high slanting roof sides have tremendously increased the volume of the place as well and visually increasing the height of the ceilings. Wooden panels created traditional cottage feel and offered a relaxing overall atmosphere.

6 Eye Catching Ceiling Designs For Your Dining Room

by Kristi Spouse Interiors

This dining room characterizes a modern eating area through the fancy decoration. The long arched ceiling specifically above the dining table gives it an elegant and clean touch. This arched ceiling, is separating the dining area with the rest of the room creates a perfect balance. Apart from this, the artistic theme is created by contrasting white and brown colors. Hanging pendant lights are another notable feature that is complementing the ceiling beauty and matching the whole décor arrangement.

6 Eye Catching Ceiling Designs For Your Dining Room


It is notable from the picture above that the vaulted ceiling height is visually decreased when its sides are inclined at a wider angle. Although this place is shorter in width, but the neatly arranged vertical wooden panels add a dramatic effect and help this dining room to appear longer this way. Furthermore, usage of wooden flooring and dim yellowish lighting build soothing atmosphere, promising an ultimate level of peace and harmony. Moreover, current space looks bigger with panoramic windows that not covered with drapes or blinds.

6 Eye Catching Ceiling Designs For Your Dining Room

by Bennett Frank Architects

Vaulted ceiling has again shown its potentials by broadening the corners of this room. An effective blend of light colors is used to establish refreshing aura in the room. The enormous side windows allow the sunlight generously into the room and brighten up the space. The whole set up speaks of aesthetic beauty and make it look highly appealing.

6 Eye Catching Ceiling Designs For Your Dining Room

by FINNE Architects

Vaulted ceiling is installed in this large dining hall, making it look enormous. Dark brown exposed beams against the pale brown panels make the vaulted ceiling highly visible and prominent. This place has an eye-catchy theme by utilizing the dark and light shades of brown color. Enormous windows and ceiling skylight allow the natural sunlight to flood the place, further enhancing the details.

6 Eye Catching Ceiling Designs For Your Dining Room

by Heimsath Architects

This picture presents a perfect practical place to have dinner or have a great recreational time with friend and family. Vaulted ceiling accompanied by triangular exposed beams, not only adding the charm to design but also serve the purpose of strengthening the structural support of the ceiling. An arrangement of pendant lights adds everlasting nostalgia of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere. The whole design setup is skillfully implemented to make this room a useful and cozy area of the house.