Boots are here to stay no matter what trend or style may come or go! We all love boots because they’re hot and trendy. When worn with right outfit and accessories, boots will elevate you from an ordinary fashionista to a respectable style icon. Check Justfab advertisements to get right accessories and dresses that will make you look like a real fashion star. Here are some useful tips that will help you know how to team various types of boots with different dresses.

1. Cotton Boots

You should choose cotton boots which are considered softer and they keep your legs warm. These boots also ensure that your legs will not get sweaty. With these boots, you shouldn’t worry about your weight; they’re actually hard enough to support women with any extra weight. Another benefit of opting cotton boots is that they’re washable. You can comfortably team your cotton boots with casual attires like skirts, jeans, flowing dresses etc.

2. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are no longer seen as a guy thing, which were commonly worn with jeans. Nowadays, ladies can wear cowboy boots and look fashionable. These boots can fit in all wardrobes and can be teamed different clothing outfits including flowing dresses. You can also team your cowboy boot with all casual dresses you have to look creative and fashionable as long as you choose a suitable color that will accentuate your dress.

3. Boots with Heels

It’s hard for a woman to do without heels. Adding a pair of boots with heels in your wardrobe will ensure that you’ve a great combination which you can team up with any casual or western outfit. These can be jeans, skirts, trouser etc. Don’t team these boots with flowing gowns or dresses. It’s a No-No-No!

4. Leather Boots

Leather boots are very popular and fashionable which can be considered as a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. Whether these boots stop midway between your ankle and knees or goes all the way up to the knees, they will remain outstanding. Knee length boots can be teamed up with short skirts which will genuinely make a hot attire. Avoid teaming leather boots with any leather attire. That will definitely be a disastrous.

5. Fur Boots

These boots are mostly applicable in countries that experience extreme cold weather all year round. Fur boots will keep your legs warm while making you look trendy. Even though it’s called a fur boot, the fur is normally a small lining added at the top of this boot. These boots gives a woman a fashionable edge and can be teamed up with leggings and skin tight pants, but not with skirts or dresses.

6. Sporty Boots

Ever come across sporty boots? They look quite similar to normal sport shoes and some even have strings that go up to the brim. There is a slight difference between these boots and sporty shoes. Sporty boots come in different colors and they’re great when teamed up with casual attires like shorts, jeans, sweatshirts, woolen jerseys etc.