If you are wondering what is a security mirror and don’t know what it is, then in this article it will explain what it is and what is used for. Security mirrors can be seen in every commercial retail store, shopping centers, book stores, and even schools. So how a security mirror works? Security mirrors allows you to see the areas that are hard to see. They come in two shapes in round and rectangular that are available acrylic convex, glass convex, and lens that are made of polycarbonate material that is unbreakable. The purpose of a security mirror is for monitoring and surveillance purposes.

Increasing Popularity

Security mirrors has been increasing at a dramatic rate recently due to the rise of criminal activity like shoplifting, robbery, and assault battery. Because of their ergonomic design, it is easy to conduct security checks and surveillance. Security checkpoints use security mirrors on cars, lockers, cargo trucks, and under tables. It is very effective for spotting illicit items such as drugs, explosives, or hazardous items. Security mirrors aren’t only meant for security surveillance but also to spot missing items like jewellery and stolen items. Not only security checkpoints uses security mirrors but also construction workers and roofers use them too. They use them to spot hidden damages that need to be repaired and that wasn’t seen at first sight.

Choosing the Right Security Mirror

Choosing the right security mirror can be challenging sometimes, but is not always that hard. A round security mirror usually comes in 12″ and 48″ mirror in diameter. Rectangle security mirrors are available of 12″X18″ and 26″X36″, both mirrors round and rectangular have mounting brackets with arms that allow multi-directional mounting. This kind of security mirror is very common and it can be seen at retail stores, gas stations, convenience store, and liquor stores. There are also dome security mirrors that come in full 360 degree with 4 way intersection mirrors. Half dome 180 degree with 3 way intersection mirror and there is a quarter dome with a 90 degree corner dome mirror. The size of dome mirrors are offered in a variety of sizes from 12″ and 18″ to 48″. If you want to have a full dome security mirror, it must be hanged up from the ceiling which gives you a wider view. Meanwhile, corner dome security mirrors can be installed on the wall or at a corner of the ceiling.


Depending on the size of your business whether is a store, gas station, or auto shop, you can easily determine the right security mirrors that will do the job. Also when choosing a security mirror, make sure that it has a comprehensive life warranty so it can be covered if it gets damaged. It is preferred to purchase a security mirror that is made of unbreakable material.

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