Forming a relationship with a reliable pallet delivery service is an essential part of business. Deciding on which one will serve you best, however, will take a bit of investigative work. Not sure which company to choose? Start off by asking these questions:

Question 1: How Do You Price Your Services?

Most pallet or skid shipments are based on volume and weight. Some pallet delivery in Belgium or other countries will offer different pallet options other than the base area of the pallet, including “half pallets”, “block pallets” and “Europallets”. Many others will measure your pallet based on “loading metres” or the number of full pallet spaces that your pallet will occupy. Most companies will have a maximum weight varying between 500kg and 800kg. If your pallet exceeds this weight, you can expect to be charged a premium or double the regular rate.

Question 2: What Sizes Are Available?

Some pallet delivery services will have limited sizes available to you while others will have limitless options. Consider your needs today, but don’t forget to anticipate your needs as your business scales. Choose a pallet delivery service which will be able to accommodate you now and into the future.

Question 3: How Late Can I Arrange for My Pallet to Be Collected?

Some pallet delivery companies will require 3 to 7 days advanced notice. Others will offer a 24 hour or less turnaround time. Depending on the business you are in and the purpose of the pallet transport, this turnaround time can have a huge impact on how well you are able to manage your business.

Question 4: Where Do You Ship to?

While an increasing number of pallet transport companies are expanding where they can and will ship to, some will still have limitations. You will want to have as many options available to you, so one should ideally select a company that is able to ship items to anywhere in the world.

Question 5: What Modes of Transport Do You Offer?

How you choose to move your goods from one area to the next can have a huge impact on your budget and how well you are able to manage your business. Most reliable companies offer transport by:

  • Air

  • Sea

  • Road

Others may extend rail transport services, courier, or electronic delivery.

The form of transport you choose will depend largely on business needs, budget, and reliability. Much like exploring your options in terms of where you can ship to, it is always best to leave your transport options open and to select a company which offers, at a minimum, road, sea and air transportation services.

Question 6: Do You Have Experience in International Shipping?

A lot can go wrong when shipping items internationally. This is why it is imperative that you choose a pallet delivery service which is fully familiar with the customs, laws and regulations for each and every area you will need to be shipping items to and through. Ask the company about their experience in shipping to a variety of countries and continents, and what measures they take to ensure that your product arrives at its international destination soundly.