Having a healthy relationship is one of the hardest things to achieve and, unfortunately, little is taught about it. We continue to believe that love is enough, but it’s not true, we also need to prepare, learn and strive to build relationships.

The relationships often begin as wonderful stories in which everything seems to be rosy, but over time, the routine and small daily difficulties that union can deteriorate if they are not handled properly.

The following tips can help to begin to build stronger and harmonious relations.

1. Communication

Although you’ve heard a thousand times, no longer true. It is impossible for a couple to work or both partners feel happy with the relationship, if there is good communication between them. But communication does not refer to talk a lot, but to be able to express our feelings to our partner, concerns, projects … and get a “feedback” on their part. If there is good communication is easier to solve problems that arise.

2. Listen

It is as important as being able to talk and communicate. If you talk non-stop but when your partner wants to tell him something quickly change the subject, you are failing at a very important point. And it is not to remain silent and hear what the other says, but listen and try to understand.

3. Being Understanding

Before judging a situation, however serious or silly it may seem to you, try to put yourself in his place, trying to find what feels, how he thinks, why he has behaved well. No one ever has the absolute right and there are always many versions of the same story.

4. Tolerance

You must be tolerant with your partner whenever your behavior or attitude is honest and does not make you physically or emotionally hurt. This is one of the most difficult to carry out, because normally, although we want to, we find it hard to give freedom to your partner. Each partner is entitled to their moments of intimacy and independence, to develop their projects, hobbies or illusions without being restricted by the other.

5. Having Social Life

Although at first just feel like being together and alone, it is essential to have social life. But not only individually, but as a couple. This means having common friends with whom they can make plans. This can also be extended to the family.

Go out and have fun together will make you feel good and give you a bit of excitement to your life partner. Social life also refers, of course, also have to each their own.

It is important that they can continue to enjoy their own friends, of course, in an honest and healthy way. It is therefore essential to have confidence in the couple.

6. Trust

A relationship without mutual trust is not going anywhere. No blind trust, but rational. If we have no real reason to distrust or tested, overwhelm your partner with our fears and insecurities, he departs from us. Lack of trust relationships and thins difficult coexistence.