There are many types of pets out there that you can own. Talking specifically about dogs, there are different breeds that can be apt for your matter how particular you are about a dog, there is a breed that goes perfectly with your routine. Be it Labrador, bulldog, German Shepherd or any other breed; you can find utmost satisfaction and glee only if you have a breed of your taste.

8 Unknown Things About Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Have you ever heard about Staffordshire bull terrier? This breed is really popular and can be apt for you. However, before you take any decision in this direction, it would be good if you know a few more things about this breed. Come on, in case you are looking to take a dog, you should think about adopting a Staffordshire bull terrier. There are people who believe that these dogs and American pit bull are exactly the same. It is not at all true. Maybe the two dogs are quite similar in appearance; these are actually two diverse breeds. Following are 8 unknown things about Staffordshire bull terrier dog:

  • Good for apartment living

People feel that if they live in an apartment or a tiny home, they need to have a small dog. If you feel like that you should know that these smaller dogs have a wonderful deal of energy, and they require a huge deal of space to wander around. The Staffordshire bull terrier has less energy and they stay quiet indoors. These are the things that make them a great pet for owners having small homes. As long as the dog gets a good amount of exercise, the size of the house won’t bother him.

  • Very sensitive

Amidst different breeds, this one is extremely sensitive. They are often going to react greatly to feelings you have. If you scold him, he would feel upset but learn from it quickly. If you are happy, he would catch the joviality and feel happy too. Similarly, if you are sad, your Staffordshire bull terrier would also look sad. In case the condition in the house is quite rough and poignant; your beloved pooch will sense it and try to become a part of it.

  • Deeply Affectionate

The Staffordshire bull terrier is an affectionate breed of dog. They love to be stroked and played with. In case you are looking for a lovable breed of dog then this should be your choice. The breed is really curdling and makes you feel good. You can experience the pleasure right in his company because he is jovial and fun filled. He feels love and makes you feel loved too whenever you are home back. If you think that this breed won’t get excited to have you right next to them then you are mistaken. They would be on cloud nine once they see you home. Their dance steps would be mesmeric.

  • Kids-oriented

There are a few breeds of dog that don’t really like children. Many of these are tinier breeds that cannot handle kids running and the disorder that children bring. The Chihuahua is one of the examples in this scenario. If your dog is trained properly and not ill-treated, these get along wonderful with kids. In case your children are playing, the dog would join them with ease and without any snag.

  • Friendly towards strangers

If you have heard that this breed is not really good for the unfamiliar faces and strangers then you are wrong. The breed is good for everybody. If you have trained your dog in a proper manner, he would never be a threat to anybody. Believe it or not, the breed is full of love and life. They would welcome people with their wagging tails and smiling faces.

  • Convenient to Groom

The Staffordshire bull terrier is one of the easiest dog breeds to groom. These don’t need to have their fur cut quite often and they just require to be bathed when they get muted. They are kind of a brush and go breed of canine. Since they have short, wiry hair, extreme shedding is not at all an issue. Once you are training them in the right manner, they would never be difficult to handle. There are other breeds that are not really quick at learning from training but that are not the case with this breed.

  • They rarely get fat

An attractive thing about Staffordshire bull terrier is that it is not one of those dog breeds that easily get obese. These dogs have a quick metabolism that keeps him trim. Similarly, they are good and healthy in their overall health. You need not worry unless you are not taking your dog out for a walk. There are some dog breeds that get on the fatter side the moment they are four or five years old. But it is not true in this breed. The regular walk and proper diet keep these in trim shape.

  • Curiosity on top

The Staffordshire bull terrier has a taste and habit to wander. It is a very curious breed. In case they are outside and get to witness a rabbit hop via the yard, your dog will surely chase it. Even if your dog gets to see a strange person going, he might begin to follow him so as to know them better. This curiosity can get them into distress. What is the point if you are occupied in your work and your dog ends up in another corner of the city just because of its curiosity? Don’t forget; curiosity kills the cat. It would be good if you keep your doggie in a chain when you are not around.

Thus, you should look for Staffordshire bull terrier puppies right away. After all, these dogs are really cute, sweet, loyal and even strong. The unfortunate part is that many families are not taking them because they have a wrong picture in mind. You need to clear out the picture first and then you would see the best of both worlds in this breed.