Home is not only a place of accommodation but a place with feelings of love, happiness and a sense of belonging. People are most stress-free and comfortable when they are in their homes, even when a person falls sick with flu or fever they prefer to take proper medications and avoid visiting a doctor in a hospital. Home health concept is gradually becoming common and more purposeful after the integration of numerous health care services and a vast number of health professionals.

Home health is provided to homebound patients and also to other people who have some difficulty traveling to a hospital. The homebound patients to include older adults suffering from chronic illness, disabled people, people who are injured and have their movements restricted. The medical team that is prominent in providing correct diagnoses and treatment includes doctors, physicians, surgeons, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, therapist (both speech and occupational) and social workers. The aforementioned personnel are all responsible for developing a proper health care plan that completely helps a patient to recover from injury or illness.

The Future Of Healthcare Is ‘Home Health Plan And Model.

The fact that a patient is a homebound should not mean that he/she should suffer, but adequate health facilities should be provided to him/her in their homes. Many people think that home health is only for people who are suffering from a chronic disease which is true but even healthy people require a proper evaluation of their physical and physiological conditions. The inclusion of technology such as the internet has considerably improved ways to provide effective and efficient medical solutions and treatment. Now, there are companies which are offering mobile applications which can easily be downloaded on your smartphone and gives them access to order your blood tests, view your lab test results online, and contact doctors who could quickly diagnose the symptoms and prescribe the best method to treat the illness.

The personalized health care plan is specifically designed to address a common man’s health issues and concerns. The method helps to review your health and monitor whether the intake of medicines is helpful in relieving pain or not. Coaching and counseling are also offered to allow people to meet their health goals. The online procedure saves time and effort.

The home health care plan is also known as patient centred medical home, and its purpose is to provide continuing medical care, support and assistance to help patients achieve positive health outcomes. The advantages of such a plan are

  • Patient-centric: The priority is facilitating the physical, social and emotional needs of the patient and give him/her all the freedom to make their own decisions and participate in their care.

The doctors, nurse and the patient’s family ensures that the decision of the patient is respected.

  • Complete care: There is a dedicated medical team of care providers that ensures that the patient’s physical, social and psychological health needs are provided whether it is an acute or chronic ailment.
  • Organized: The medical care and treatment provided all across the health care system which includes hospitals, nursing homes, home health care, and care homes.
  • Accessible to everyone: Every person and patient can access the medical facilities which are quicker and affordable than before. The medical service is now integrated with the internet, and many companies offer online services where people can order an online lab test
  • Safe and quality care: The doctors, physicians and nurse are all professional and to ensure that patients and families know about their health and can make decisions based on their health.

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Chris Robert is a qualified doctor who times to time educate people and patients about emerging healthcare solutions through his blogs and thought people should know about home health model. People can know more about him and contact him through his Twitter and Facebook account.