There is not any doubt that banking and financial industry has evolved big time in the recent times and technology integration has a critical role in its impact.

A credit card is one of the best byproducts of this merger between financial industry and technology. Today, the majority of the people use plastic money to make a purchase.

The financial industry earns millions of dollars as a result of these daily transactions. More recently, it witnesses a significant growth as a result of the boom in e-commerce industry that primarily involves payments from credit cards.

However, there are a number of financial institutions offering credit card services. So it gives you the choice to select the best services based on their particular features.

A List Of 6 Best Credit Cards

But if you are confused with finding the best credit card, Let us help you with the following 6 popular choices:

  1. Master Card, Capital One

The MasterCard by Capital One is considered as one of the most highly secured credit cards. It enables its exclusive members to exceed their credit limit.

It comes with a highly encrypted system that does not allow anyone to bypass the security protocols. So the users are able to do safe and secure transactions.

  1. Master Card, Citi Bank

A product of Citi Bank, this Master Card is known for its nominal fees and annual percentage rate (APR). It also has an optimum credit limit which brings it to the list of most sought-after credit cards.

These two attributes make it a favorite of the people who tend to spend more than an average person. There are no hidden charges and the credit limit stays consistent throughout the tenure.

  1. Visa Card, OpenSky

One of the most moderately-charged credit cards, the OpenSky card is known for its low APR. The good thing about this credit card is that it does not require outstanding credit scores to qualify for a credit card.

In other words, people with low credit scores can apply for this credit card.

  1. Visa Card, The U.S Bank

The visa card by the US Bank is known for its easy approval. It is available for any applicant even if he has poor credit history. The credit card has reasonable APR fees, making it one of the most popular credit cards for the laymen. It is also famous for having a grace time of 30 days which is longer than regular credit cards. So it saves you from the embarrassment of late payments.

  1. The Secured Credit Card By Wells Fargo

Considered as one of the most transparent reporting systems for credit cards, the Wells Fargo is yet another secure option when it comes to subscribing to credit cards. For its reasonable APR, it is also sought by the majority of credit card users.

The only thing that turns you off is its high credit limit that goes as high as $10,000 along with a high credit card fee.

  1. The Secured Credit Card By Merrick Bank

This secure credit card by Merrick Band is available for users having poor credit scores. It is known for its lenient application process that does not require an outstanding credit history or financial status to qualify for the card. So it makes easier for anyone to apply for this card and avail the pleasures of plastic money.

When it comes to credit cards, there are different needs of different people. Some look for the rates, while some go for the convenience and security.

However, the aforementioned are 6 of the most preferred credit cards used by the majority of the people. They are cheap, convenient and secure.

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