The shipping industry has long been the chief carrier of the majority of goods that are traversing the world. Almost 90% of the world’s total produce make it out to their individual destinations through the shipping containers. The containers that are large steel enclosed hollow boxes are the means of carrying the goods by ships. These containers have also opened up a new avenue for investment.

Road for Investors:

Ideally, an investment in assets pays off for investors. The prospect of a fixed return at the end of a time period lures the investors furthermore when it comes to investing. The shipping containers as a moving metallic box have set the path straight for investors to invest. This time an alternate means of investment.

Why Containers:

The containers have the advantage of seldom needing any kind of repairs. As sturdy steel boxes, it can withstand the harshest of handling and weather conditions. At most a fresh coat of paint serves as more than suffice for containers over the long run. At any given point of time, the seas the world over are teeming with fleets of containers, ensuring the timely deliverance of goods. Various container leasing companies have set up business, which is bringing closer the investors and their means of investment.

Involved Parties:

A typical container leasing business like Pacific Tycoon Container Investments has the involvement of three parties. The first on the list is the leasing company itself. It gives out containers for leasing both on a temporary as well as permanent ownership, and also it lets companies hire the leased containers. The next is the investors that are investing on the containers. The investment on the containers ensures the investors a steady flow of returns. The returns though are stable however varies with the leasing models of the company. The leased containers that are hired on an ad-hoc or urgent basis yields furthermore returns.

The companies, shipping firms and cargo handlers that hire the containers on rent feature third on the list of parties involved. Every leased container that goes out for hire, either through sea or land undergoes insurance by the leasing company itself should there be the occurrence of any untoward incidents.

Asian Invasion:

The Asian countries are ruling the roost when it comes to the leasing of containers. The influx of trade is huge especially through the involvement of countries like China. The ports based in the Asian countries are handling some of the largest fleets of containers. A container leasing company like Pacific Tycoon that is based in the port city of Hong Kong has thousands of containers under its ownership.

Business Growth:

The future of the container leasing business looks bright enough with the projected growth of the global trade set to reach the quadruple mark by the year of 2050.