Many businessmen are yet to be introduced to the concept of 0800 number for the effective functioning of their business. This number is a free call number and is most suitable for those running a sales or marketing campaign. Customers are encouraged to contact the company via this free calling number. But the major consideration should be whether it is required for the business to keep such a number as the expense of keeping such number is borne by the company on behalf of its customers. Research studies have indicated a steep rise in sales by up to 185% from the possession of such number by any business. Besides offering the facility of free calls to potential customers the 0800 number has an additional benefit as well. The numbers are not restricted by geographical boundaries and can be directed to both mobiles and landlines, making them easier to remember. You can either set up a dedicated new contact line for your free phone calls or arrange to get the calls directed to your existing number via a free phone service provider.


Choice of Memorable Numbers

Choosing a contact number that can be easily remembered by customers play a major role in increasing the market share of any business. Statistics indicate that companies using memorable 0800 Freephone numbers receive more enquiry calls from potential customers, increasing their possibility of generating more sales. There are millions of 0800 number, although the more memorable numeric combinations come with more expense for the company. The owner can either opt to make a monthly payment as the rental bill or can choose to make advance payment for a particular time period. Most big and well-established companies prefer to make a one-time payment and enjoy the beneficial services of this freephone number for a long period of time. Another advantage that this freephone phone number holds is that it can be activated instantly allowing re-routing and can also be cancelled by the owner anytime. The demand for such numbers is on the rise with more and more businesses preferring to have a free contact number rather than having a paid one.

Tips to choose 0800 Numbers

Since the use of 0800 Freephone numbers are toll-free there is full time availability of customer support. Earlier there was an availability of 0800 numbers only to a privileged few having multiple contact lines and was considered as a symbol of status and respect. But in the present day scenario obtaining such a number has been quite an easy job for any company, be it big or small.  So, for the effective functioning and the prosperity of any business it is necessary to obtain a 0800 number. Moreover, there is an increased chance of obtaining foreign clients for those who want to establish across the border relationship. The advantage of this phone number exists for a lifetime and the benefits can be extended to the field staffs as well. The arrangement of voice mails will also enable the business owner to manage the functioning of various departments simultaneously.