If you run a business, you have to take the risk of online data theft, and most companies outsource this to a specialist developer, who has a range of packages to protect digital data from theft and harmful computer code. You might have a small business, with no more than a handful of employees, or you might be the regional manager of a multi-national corporation, and the same developer can provide total protection.

Sourcing the Right Provider

A Step By Step Guide To Total Online Data Protection

If you are looking for the market leader in cloud based data protection, look no further than Mailcleaner, which protects thousands of businesses worldwide, and with their expertise, you can be protected at all times, and not only that, with an easy to use interface, you are in complete control. Any suspicious incoming email is automatically quarantined, and then you, the administrator, decide what happens next. You might want to permanently delete the email, or perhaps take a look without risking an infection, and if you decide to track its origin, you can.

The Right Package

The developer has a wide range of commercial and private clients, and if you wanted to protect hundreds of inboxes, or just half a dozen, they have the ideal package. Installed within minutes, the cloud based system takes up virtually no resources from your workstations, and it creates a virtual wall between your mail server and the inbox. A simple attachment on an unknown spam email, if opened, can cause massive damage to your business, and for what it costs, you can end your data theft worries and have total protection at all times.

Ongoing Updates

Once the system is in place, you will be able to control things from your easy to use interface, and with constant updates by the developer, who is always working in the background, you can be sure of ongoing protection.

One Month Free Trial

Any company that has the self-confidence to give a customer a full 30-day free trial must be pretty confident, and the market leader offers such a package. Talk to the best developer online and within minutes, you can be enjoying the benefits of total protection, and no matter the size of your operation, they have the ideal solution.

Free Up Computer Resources

If you still run the traditional blacklisting anti-virus programs that are installed on your workstations, you’ll be happy to hear that cloud-based solutions free up your computers, and that means more response. Cloud based anti-spam and anti-virus protection does not require your valuable resources in order to perform, and your employees will notice the improvement in speed with their workstations. This has long term benefits for you, as things get done a little faster and every little helps.

Online anti-virus protection is the future, and with a 30-day free trial, you can enjoy the protection before deciding on whether to keep it. All it takes is an online search and you are protected.