Work visa or work permit in Canada is the category of visa that is offered to skilled professionals who are not Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada for a specific job and for a specific time period to live and work in Canada. It is required that you have the letter for job from employers in Canada and to apply for Canada Work Visa from India you need to legally admit to or a citizen of India. You need to know that the work permit doesn’t allow you to live in Canada permanently unless you apply for PR visa after getting approval for work permit.

All That You Need To Know About Canada Work Visa from India

How to Get Work Visa in Canada from India?

It is necessary that you need to provide a written job offer or contract of employment from employer in Canada before apply for Work Visa in Canada. Moreover, the employer needs to have positive review from Labour Market Impact Assessment in order to recruit you and this document should be issued from the Governmental body in Canada which gives your employer permission to recruit workers from India.

You also need to provide evidence that prove that you are eligible for apply for work permit in Canada and get the job offer. This is important, especially if you apply for open work permit. There are also some job offers in Canada where you are not required to apply for any Work Permit to work in Canada.

Documentation and Language Requirements

While applying for Canada Work Visa from India, it is necessary that you support your application with documents which prove your proficiency in English, Spanish and French and also in other languages. Failure to submit these documents will lead to rejection of the application and no processing of the application will be made. If you wish to take your common law partner, spouse, dependents and children along with you, then you need to apply for their visa separately.

The Documentation for Work Visa in Canada

  • Application for Work Visa made outside of Canada
  • Two passport side photo
  • Family information form – IMM 5645
  • Processing fee in the acceptable currency
  • Valid Indian Passport with sufficient blank pages.
  • A copy of labour market opinion offered by the Employment and Social Development Canada
  • A job offer or contract issued by the eligible Canadian employer along with job title, working conditions and wages
  • Proof to indicate that you meet all the eligibility criteria for the job offer and employment in Canada
  • A proof for your financial standing and support to cover the expenses for the duration of your visit

The Process for Work Visa in Canada

There are basically two prime processes. In the first level of process, the Canadian Employer should receive the approval from the government to recruit the foreign workers. The second level of process is to grant permission and the employee need to apply for receiving the Work Visa in Canada so that they can work and live in Canada and also apply for PR visa .