Portugal is probably the sunniest part of Europe with its own life rhythm, close ocean and friendly people. What about the idea to start your business in Lisbon or close cities? The most successful startup city is Berlin. Nevertheless, Portugal is new creative platform for making business. This is a place of creative projects, modern culture, dynamic and advanced citizens.

It is not an easy thing to get a good job in Portugal for foreigners: you have to prove that you are good for this concrete capacity. There is only one conclusion: you should start your own business to use all comforts of European civilization.


What Kind of Business Is The Most Interesting for Foreigners?

To start your business in Portugal, you should choose the right business course for your future company. What do you prefer: building sphere, trade industry, nursery agency? As a rule, the most of beginners want to be photographers or have the wedding agency. The realtor business is also popular. There are many foreigners who want to be the guides. Never forget that you have to be well-educated and get special linguistic education in the local educational establishments for at least 3 years. If you are good photographer in your country, you will not have many clients in Portugal at the very beginning. Just work hard to be popular.

Think of restaurant business. Portuguese like going to the restaurant at least twice a week or more. Your restaurant must be special to make money. It is better to think of little restaurant or cafe not far from the office center. There is one more interesting and profitable sphere – food delivery. The most of locals are fond of healthy food. What is more, they drink coffee every morning, lunch time and dinner tine in the cafe. The most of cafes are situated close to each other. They are always full of people. So, it is difficult to find free place for dinner in the evening. Think about it!

Of course, Portugal is not the perfect business platform. There are many spheres that are weak for business development yet. For example, startup-echo system is not as well-developed as it must be. It is far from the level of financial backing. So, just few projects were successful. The business is in the process of stabilization. It is a pity but the part of modern society cannot get the sense of startups. So, you can see a lot of so-called wantrepreneurs instead of entrepreneurs. They are people, who have interesting ideas, plans, but they do not have enough money to make their ideas live.

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Creative Business Ideas

So, what concepts can help you to make your business successful and profitable? It is time to use something creative and unusual! You know, it is like exclusive goods and unique services. These factors can help to make your business profitable. You crazy business idea can be the start of your successful business career in an international context. Let us learn a couple of creative business projects that came from Portugal.

Your Blood is Your Money

The Portuguese shop The Walking Dead Blood Store gathers all people that are ready to give blood for goods. You know, cash is not the only one way of payment that you can use. The crowds of fans gather together in the special store to shop in a very strange way. They want to give blood for goods they shopped. It sounds strange! The shop was created all together with Torke+CC creative agency and IPST organization. It is situated in the shopping mall Dolce Vita Tejo in the city of Amadora. If you are ready to give your blood, the process must be legal to meet all requirements.

As far as the blood is taken, you gain many points that you can change into the exclusive goods in style of the popular movie Walking dead: T-shirts, telephone cases, instruments. It is interesting but the system of blood taking is in form of the competition: who gave more blood, can get more money. Thus, there are many limitations to stop competitive visitors from giving too much blood materials.

Creative Slippers

One of the most popular kinds of footwear is slippers. You wear slippers at home, in the hotel, in sauna. So, you cannot live without comfortable slippers near at hand. It is time to make business of creative slippers.

Well worn pair of slippers

It is hard to believe, but creative slippers can be comfortable. You may produce slippers for hotels, in form of interesting presents and souvenir. They can make your business original and profitable. This is your chance to create something new. One more thing, you should try hand-made business. It is not a secret that goods made with hands are priceless. You can sell your slippers to the shop or internet services to sell them online.

Murdering Quest

Of course, the idea is strange and scaring. Actually, the idea belongs to Rae Walaska – a woman from Porto. If you want to visit her agency Murder n’ Mayhem, you should hire a car in Porto and follow the address from the website. The place is not popular for tourists, but the first thing to do for locals. So, the sense of the procedure is simple, you may organize a party with the detective scenery.

Rae is creative women that wanted to make parties more exciting and interesting. She could make the business of party making very popular. Her detective scenery gives a good profit to be very popular. To become a part of the party you should pay 15-20 dollars. This is the price for show.


Rae started cooperation with many restaurants to give a good platform for making parties. As you can see, there is a sense to start creative business. Rae’s agency works every day without breaks and days off. So, you can congratulate Rae with the greatest idea to earn good money from her head and creativeness. Who knows, maybe you can do more and start your own business in Portugal, or somewhere else?