Roofs are the main part of a building along with the walls. They are used to protect from the rain, snow and other weather elements.

Commercial roofs are generally flat and residential roofs are steeply sloped.

Materials used in the making of roofs are of various kinds. Mainly the outer layer of roof has large range. Natural products like thatch and slate are used which consist of wheat straw, rice straw and sea grass. Unnatural material includes tiles and polycarbonate sheeting. All these materials have different effects on the building.

The material used on the roofs adds beauty and elegance to the appearance of the building. It should be used to make the roof strong and durable, so that it may last for many years.

If you are planning to construct your building, or need to reconstruct your old outdated roof, you have different choices. People are becoming green and eco-friendly, so they like green roofs. It has become very popular among people from last few years. Green roofs are flat roofs covered with vegetation like grass, wild flowers, vegetables and even small trees. The vegetation is planted in soil on a waterproof membrane. This kind of green roof reduces heat and makes the roof durable for many years.

Commercial roofers recommend green roof to their clients, because it improves a roof’s insulation value and hence saves heating and cooling costs.

Green roofs also help reduce noise pollution in the building. Green roof is also called eco-roof or living roof because of the plants and grass grown on it. The beautiful green roof improves the view of a building.

The greenery and plants absorb air pollutants, making the environment around the building healthy and pollution free.

The commercial roofers can tell you after inspection, if your present roof can withstand the load of the plants and trees and if it can be water proof without damaging your roof.

Like everything, green roofs have advantages and disadvantages. Green roofing should be done under the commercial roofer’s presence. They need maintenance after some months. The plants should be watered properly according to their needs and drainage should not be blocked by any vegetation.

Choose plants and flowers that can survive without water for many days in harsh weather and that need less maintenance.

It is better to plant green roof in spring or autumn seasons to reduce the need of watering them. In summer season, plants tend to grow and flourish more.

Any chemicals or fertilizers should not be used on roofs. It is better to take extra care while working off the ground. Green roof is becoming very popular because of its aesthetic and social benefits.