Ramirez has been the CEO of Global Power Equipment Group and provides electrical distribution products, industrial motors and power and smart grid technologies. This company has a global presence and has more than 65 manufacturing centers. It has its operations in more than 60 countries.

The Role Of Luis Manuel Ramirez As President and CEO Of Global Power Equipment Group

After successfully leading the GE Energy Contractual Services, Ramirez was promoted as the CEO of one of the oldest business lines of GE. In the last few years, GE has been facing a number of issues and there was a severe decline in both their technology as well as product investment which have resulted in severe market losses. The unmotivated and the tired workforce as well as the inefficient manufacturing unit are other reasons that have resulted in the severe losses that this company has faced over the years.

As a CEO, Ramirez successfully transformed the company within a span of three years. He first retooled the presence in the traditional market segments, which included the commercial, construction and the energy segments. He also expanded the areas of operation of the organization into other verticals which included rail, mining, solar, data center and the electrical vehicle.

If you are interested to know more, about the different sectors, in which Ramirez has successfully contributed, then you can go through the list given below:

  • He has contributed total revenue of about $200 million in the field of operations and $3.5 billion in the field of annual revenue.
  • He has also created some regional profit centers, which have resulted in a total of 14% growth rate and a 13% increased R&D. He has also successfully launched new product platforms.
  • Luis Manuel Ramirez, in order to provide a sustainable growth in the organization, has contemporized the technology.
  •  He has also been successful in establishing as much as $ 1 billion pipelines for business developments and has also added more than 100 commercial resources.
  • He has also identified and closed M & D deals whose worth is more than $500 million dollars. These M & D deals include specialization in the DC data center, acquisition of the lineage power, power conversion technologies and AC/DC power systems.
  • He has also launched and developed GE watt station product lines and also the electric vehicle platform.

Luis Manuel Ramirez has provided climate control rental solutions and power generations which have included installation, delivery, maintenance and operation of a particular organization. He has also successfully helped in the global expansion of the company. He has also mobilized the revenue growth which has helped a lot in the increase of the sales of an organization. He has successfully helped the company to increase their revenue by 25% each year. He has also successfully expanded the operations of this company to the Middle Eastern Companies. He has helped his company to win the Olympics contract and also grab a number of global power deals. He has successfully restructured the organization by successfully closing down a number of non-performing assets.