Ramirez has been the Corporate CEO of GE Energy Contractual Services. This company provides a number of functions, which include operation availability and plant operators. They have also maintained fixed prices to more than 120 countries which have helped the plant operators to meet the operational goals of their manufacturers. Almost 60% of the profit of the GE’s Energy division comes from the global energy P& L.

The CEO of GE Energy invited, Luis Manuel Ramirez in order to bring order to the explosive growth of this particular division. He was involved in all kinds of operational, risk and commercial activities. When he arrived in this particular Company, he had certain focus areas, and given below, is a list of those focus areas:

  • Proper risk management, establishing stable processes by making use of the LEAN and the simplification process, redesigning the SOX control and proper long term financial and accounting modeling.
  • Managing the growth of the organization by successfully regionalizing the P & L structure and also by expanding the EMEA operations.
  • With the help of accountability and the long term culture of empowerment, he has been able to create high class regional talent.

By focusing in the above mentioned areas, Luis Manuel Ramirez was able to create a successful organization. His team successfully executed these changes and he tried to find new growth opportunities for his organization. If you are interested to know more about the different ways, then you can go through the list of the different ways mentioned below:

  • He has tried scaling the operations of the organization in the emerging markets, and therefore been able to close a number of deals.
  • He has also successfully increased the annual revenue and has helped in the profit generation of the organization.
  • He has also localized and restricted the execution team, and has therefore successfully established leadership development programs. He has therefore helped in the proper organizational growth and has also improved the delivery process.
  • For SOX certification, he has redesigned the various business processes and the systems.

Ramirez has a very successful professional career and has more than a decade of professional experience. He has worked in different companies and has the required experience to help a company reach its organizational goals. He has also been able to successfully help an organization to come out of losses and become a profit making organization.

Many companies which have a global presence, has been able to come out of losses by following the strategies led down by Ramirez. Since, he himself has been the CEO of a company, so he is also able to provide proper suggestions to the CEOs of the other companies. He makes sure, that the suggestions that he provides are helpful for the organization in the long run. So, in case you are interested to get some valuable advice regarding the running of the organization, you can surely take the guidance of Ramirez.