Anyone who works using tools for a living will be familiar with that sinking feeling of misplacing a vital piece of equipment. Whether you’re a car mechanic, joiner or builder, you’ve probably experienced that moment of panic when you realise the tool you need is nowhere to be found. Not only is there the cost in terms of lost time to consider, but there’s also the potential cost of replacement if the tool is not eventually found.

Advantages Of Using Shadowboards

An organised workplace is undoubtedly an efficient workplace, so why not consider installing bespoke shadowboards for tools?

What are Shadowboards?

Shadowboards are specially made storage boards that are used to house tools or equipment supplies in a wide range of industries including production, manufacturing and service environments.

They are used to store your tools in a co-ordinated and organised way. You know the saying “a place for everything, and everything in its place”? That describes bespoke shadowboards for tools perfectly. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be colour-coded for ease of use by the workforce.

What are the Advantages of Shadowboards?

Bespoke shadowboards for tools not only help you keep equipment safe in one place, but they also promote a culture of ownership and care throughout the workplace. They encourage workers to notice if tools are missing, ensuring equipment is kept off the floor and saving time searching for the right piece of equipment when it is needed.

Having a specific place for each piece of equipment means missing or damaged tools can be spotted in seconds, enabling time to be saved and costs to be minimised.

They also allow a company to be more compliant in its practices. If everyone knows which tool they need to use for each particular job and it is easily located in a place everyone knows, jobs are more likely to be completed on time and in the correct manner.

Bespoke shadow boards for tools will also allow your firm to keep tools and equipment cleaner. Instead of gathering dust and oil on the workshop floor, your tools are kept neat and tidy on their bespoke fitting on the wall for all to see.

Install shadowboards in your workplace, and you are sure to see productivity increase, costs plummet and quality improve.

You’ll also note benefits in terms of safety. If your tools are kept tidily on the walls instead of being left on floors, there are fewer potential tripping hazards.

Bespoke shadowboards for tools can be made colour-coded so that certain types of tools can be placed together in a specific position. They come in small, medium or large sizes, which means you can use them for workspaces of any size.

Why not find out how shadowboards could benefit your firm by looking around at the huge variety available?