The recent announcement by Google that having an SSL certificate makes it easy for site owners to boost SEO rankings has brought a lot of attention to an SSL certification. Many approaches have been pursued by internet marketing.

The understanding that Google has the final say on the ability of a site to get visible has made marketers to take the word brought out by the search engine giant seriously. It was not by surprise that an SSL certificate has received the kind of attention that it had after the announcement by Google.

However, I will take a different approach to the whole issue. I will not just make an announcement but I will go through the reasons why an SSL certificate is important for SEO rankings.

You should know that Google search boosts for using an SSL is applicable to every site there is. Whether your site has information that is personal or information that should be aired out to the public, you need an SSL to boost your site.

According to WSI’s SEO experts, it does not matter whether your site does not have a check out page, financial or sensitive information, or a login page, with an SSL Certificate, you will be entitled to the benefits that come in terms of SEO ranking. This makes it an effective indiscriminative tool for enhancing ranking.

Why Consider an SSL Certificate For Your Website?

Other than for SEO ranking, an SSL certificate is primarily used for data security. When making transfers across websites such as financial information and other personal information, you need a site that guarantees the security of your information.

An SSL Certificate provides the most secure and reliable avenue for transfer of these information. The certification will also build the trust of visitors to your site. Websites that have an SSL certificate have a mark that a visitor identifies as guarantee for security.

An SSL Certificate Can Help In SEO Rankings

The SSL Certificates Are Not Necessarily The Same

There are a number of options of SSL Certificates that you can get for your site. However, they all perform the necessary encryption that enables the security of information. However, they all have the effect of enhancing your SEO ranking. With an SSL certificate, the chances that you will be considered during a search are higher than a site that does not have certification. You should consider the appropriate certification for your site depending on the type of website that you run.

Single SSL Certificate

The Single SSL certificate is designed for small businesses websites, blogs, and personal websites. Through the certification, the visitors’ information is secured. Google encourages the certification by an incentive of increasing their SEO ranking. Whether you collect personal information or not, provided you need to enhance the visibility of your site, consider having an SSL certification.

The Multi Domain SSL

If you are a service provider or you own a SEO company website, or even you are securing multiple domains, this is the package of an SSL certification that is designed and intended for you. It may take some time to boost your websites ranking through other means of SEO. However, with this package, Google itself will enhance your ranking giving you a higher chance for your websites visibility.

SSL Certification for SEO

You may have built back links and created content for your website to enhance your SEO ranking. It may take time before you get benefits for all the efforts that you put into these strategies. While you have invested both your money and time to build up a position on the web, you will still be competing with sites that started these strategies earlier. With an SSL certification, the process is fast and easy.

You will get a boost from the SEO ranking masters themselves Google. The effect will be immediately. Moreover, you will be getting an added advantage of a secure and effective website. The role of Google is not to make you get the certificate nor is it pushing a specific agenda other than making online activities safer.

It makes sense to reduce crime and cyber inappropriate activity by promoting secure websites. Moreover, the visitors to your site will be encouraged to interact knowing that they are performing in a secure environment. You do not need to struggle with the competition. You can be smart and make little effort with a big effect as websites compete for online visibility.