In 2014, Apple launched the Apple iOS 8, which is the most recent Apple mobile devices operating system. And it is most advanced till date because of its proving changes, interface and new access in various Applications. Let’s discover few of them:

Instant Hotspot

This feature aimed at closer interaction between devices – Instant Hotspot. If there is no network Wi-Fi, users can connect the iPad or Mac to the network through an access point on the iPhone. It would seem that this function has long been known, but now the phone will automatically appear in the list of available networks in the settings menu and iPad Wi-Fi on a Mac without the need for a pair, and other settings. Incidentally, the device is automatically disconnected to save power when there is no time for a specific network activity.

Application Extension

On iOS, 8 were extensions of applications that finally allow programs to interact with each other and. In this case, they will not go beyond the “sandbox” that will provide communication without compromising the security of the operating system and users’ personal information. These are small pieces of code that will be transferred to other applications of the functionality. For example, users will be able to translate foreign sites in Safari using Bing, the program edit photo picture tools VSCO Cam or fill passwords in the browser using the extension 1Password.

Alternative Keyboard

One of the most anticipated new products iOS 8 – Support for third-party keyboards at the system level. For many years, the owners of Android-devices were throwing stones in the garden technology Apple users the inability to change the default input method to something more comfortable and functional. For example, use a set of text, leave your finger on the screen, or get tips on the following words on the basis of popular phrases of the user.

Developers were enthusiastic about the ability to install third-party keyboards at the system level and their sale in the App Store. It has long been known that this fall will very popular Swype, Minuum, SwiftKey, Fleksy and TouchPal. However, it has a downside, because at the same time with very high-quality keyboards of App Store in danger of being flooded with a large number of clones of popular decisions or developments with questionable functionality. After the announcement of alternative keyboard in iOS 8 developers have already shown a humorous way to enter the word “Hodor” from the popular series “Game of Thrones” and recently appeared teaser keyboard to insert animated GIF-images.

iCloud Drive

New versions of mobile and desktop operating systems, Apple has decided to significantly improve iCloud, turning it into full-fledged cloud storage. iCloud Drive offers users to store in it the files and folders by analogy with the way things used to do it in Dropbox, Google Drive and other similar services.

The new changes in iOS 8 are not only limited till iCloud, Keyboards and Hotspot. Rather than this changes can be observed in AirDrop, Music, Photos, Camera and lots more. As per the revealed information regarding the next releasing Apple iOS 9, the new OS will be more advanced.