If you are in the medical sector, whether or not you are operating a hospital, a medium-sized clinic, or are practising independently, you need to find the right medical transcription service provider for your needs. And, needless to say, finding the best service may not be as difficult as it may seem. Here are some important considerations you have to think about when looking for a medical transcription service.

High quality work

Accuracy is the name of the game when it comes to medical transcription (and other transcription services, as well). So when choosing a medical transcription service provider, you have to make sure that they can offer you 100% accuracy for all your important files and documents. You should make it a point to ask the provider about their process for transcription and find out whether their process is clear and highly-organised. You should also find out if your recording will be processed by software first and then passed to a transcriber, or whether it will be sent directly to the transcriber, as this can make a difference as well.

A quick and prompt service

Fast turnaround times are one of the requirements you should be looking for, especially if you are involved in fields such as pathology or radiology. The quicker the turnaround time, the better. But consider this as well: the faster the turnaround time, the more you may have to pay, so keep this in mind. But if the transcription service provider can give you this option, then it’s worth giving them a second look.

A flexible arrangement

In the past, medical transcription services often required their clients to sign long-term contracts or agreements, usually lasting about one to two years. This is no longer the case today, so you should look for transcription services which can offer you a more flexible arrangement, ranging from monthly contracts to rates according to the number of lines that are transcribed.

Compatibility with your own system

When looking for a medical transcription service provider, you should also consider the compatibility of their electronic system with yours. A service which can deliver or accept your files via RT (rich text) format or MS Word would be a good choice. If you already have an electronic system in place for your records, make sure this system of yours is compatible with the system of the medical transcription service.

Clear, straightforward fees

The fees you have to pay to the medical transcription service should be clear and straightforward from the start. The amount you will be charged should be agreed upon before the service begins, and if there will be extra charges for errors or corrections, this should be clearly stated as well.