Internal assessment is something that is often ignored, but it is an important part of any organization strategy. A strategy in any organization is an essential instrument that helps the organization to develop. Strategy helps the organization to grow in all the areas, be it sales, shares, service, profitability or anything. Growth of an organization can be calculated by the performance of the company. The profit it makes and the actual cost that was put in the organization. The speed of the growth of the organization and the volume at which it grows decides the health of the organization. We come to know about the health of organization when we assess the company internally.

Importance and Process Of Internal Assessment

The best internal assessment strategy is the one that takes input from all the management and employees of the organization. If not the employees at least, it takes the viewpoint of all the management. So, the first and foremost thing before making an assessment plant is to take the views of all the members working in the organization. This way you will get the better understanding of the issues that keeps the organization reinvent wheel.

Once the list of issues is prepared, group the similar kind of issue in one. Make the priority to solve the issues in your next step. Be sure that you prioritize the issue that is most important to solve the issue that is urgent and has greatest leverage. Always find the root cause of the issue and do not waste time in just fixing it in a hurry. Solving the issues from the roots offers you a long term help.

While assessment of the organization, you can expect issues in the HR department. In fact, you will find most of the issues in the HR department. So, try to sort out those issues first and then move to other departments like the organizational structure, internal communication issue, explaining plans and views of the organization to the employees, and lack of alignment between the management and the employee.

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