A party wall surveyor is appointed to resolve disputes arising from party wall constructions and other alterations to walls or structures adjacent to the property of the neighbours. The property owner must serve a notice to the neighbour before carrying out any such work.

A party wall surveyor must have knowledge and experience about the issues that may arise regarding party walls. If you are planning to undertake some work in your property that might fall under the Party Wall Act 1996, then you must consult a party wall surveyor and take his advice.

The Party Wall Act 1996 came into force on 1st July 1997. The Act is applicable to all disputes arising between property owners regarding party walls. The owner of any property must communicate with their neighbours about their plans and intentions regarding property extension or construction. This communication should be done formally by sending notices to the neighbours and surrounding property holders.

The Act clearly states that the building owner is responsible for serving the necessary notices to the neighbours having common walls, structures or land. The property owner carrying out the construction must inform the neighbours before doing so. Notices can be served to the neighboursby delivering them personally or by postal services. In some cases, the act allows the building owner to physically fix a notice at the premises of the neighbour.

You must consult a party wall surveyor Buckinghamshire to clear your doubts about the act. Notices will become invalid if they are served to the wrong person. Serving the notice in a proper manner and to the correct person is important. If the notice is not served properly and to the right person, then the property owner cannot claim rights under the provisions of the Party Wall Act.

The different types of notices

Section 1 Notices (line of junction)

When a property owner wishes to construct a wall just beside the line of junction of your property, then he must serve you a notice at least one month before doing so. The notice must clearly mention about the wall in question and this can be done by attaching drawings of the wall.

Section 3 Notices (party structure)

Here the alterations to the party wall must be mentioned and description about the common jobs such as cutting holes to insert beams must be given.

Section 6 Notice (three metre/six metre)

The notice should clearly mention whether the property owner plans to strengthen or safeguard the foundations of your wall or structure. The plans and drawings showing the site of construction and the depth of the proposed excavation must be given with the notice.This notice must be served when you wish to excavate within 3 metres of your neighbours building.

If a dispute arises regarding party walls and the property owner refuses to appoint aparty wall surveyor Buckinghamshire according tothe procedure of resolution of disputes, then you can also appoint a second surveyor to keep things running smoothly.