It’s lightweight, It’s fairly square and it’s the latest Kindle by Amazon. With this release the kindle became a bit more paper-like. It’s become thinner (thank god it has approached the thinness of a paper) and more lightweight as compared to its previous version but has it become more like reading like a book?

The new model, Amazon’s costly Voyage seemed like the best Kindle that could be that is until Kindle Oasis was released. People expected the new model of kindle to be somewhat thinner and lighter but nobody could foresee the radical change that the Kindle could have brought with it. Maybe that is why people have such strong feeling about the new kindle.

The Best Kindle Yet, The All New Kindle Oasis

The Amazon Kindle, as it has been, modified version of the decade old device and is still used for the same purpose which is reading but now it’s much more focused. Amazon has said that it wants readers to just be reading with every other detail fading away and till now I must admit it’s true to every word of it.

The new Kindle Oasis has almost square shape with its aspect ratio being 5.6 x 4.8-inches. Amazon even decided to give the new Kindle a sort of optical illusion by making its 6-inch screen look more square in comparison to the Voyage but remember that just an optical illusion, two screens are identical.

Don’t expect the whole of kindle Tech Help to be paper-thin it starts to become thicker along its length to the outer edge where the thick case is. There it becomes 0.33 inches. The case is where you hold the Kindle and it’s where the battery and other components are.  

The same has the Kindle’s two physical buttons and its bit unexpected of Amazon to give it real buttons as they haven’t been using actual buttons through many generations of Kindle one even had an entire keyboard. The device has the two buttons placed equidistant from the two edges of the Kindle and the arrangement is done so that it can be used for both left handed or right handed reading. The screen has an inbuilt accelerometer so that it adjusts itself properly when hands are switched.

As with other Kindles it has a touch screen and it’s said that its most responsive yet and you can still swipe and touch to turn the page. That raises a question what was the need to give it physical buttons? Kindle customer service people said that it is made so, so as you never need to move your thumb and just push the buttons to turn that makes you get lost deep within the book you are reading.

However there is one very important button, guess it already? Yes of course the power button on the device it is made along the top of the thicker edge.

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