When people visit your website they want to get the best available content. However, it can’t be achieved properly if the website is not ranked well. You may start by creating a blog for your business and it needs to be properly updated with fresh content on a regular basis. If you want to get real content, you should work on developing unique content that works for your website. The more unique content you have, the better it is for your SEO performance. It is also important to use responsive designs that allow people that use smartphones and tablets with smaller displays are able to access your website clearly, because the design is properly scaled down.  PPC advertising is an effective method for backlinking only if you have excellent content that encourage people to share it to others, because your website is something that you haven’t seen before. You should know that you pay Google for each visitor that comes through Adwords ads to your website. So, you need to make each visitor counts by trying to impress them.

Another thing that you should do is by writing guests posts on related blogs. However, this method is appropriate if you love to write and can come up with quality posts quite often. Blog owners would be more than happy to receive your posts, if your content has excellent quality. When creating content for guest blogging, you should make sure that it is paired with existing content in your website. Make it irresistible for people to visit your website to get more information about a topic. The owner of the blog should allow you to include a link or two inside the content. The anchor text should also be quite captivating, so people are able to click and get the necessary information. Google may consider your links from guest blogging is genuine, if they are able to naturally direct traffic to your website. Another way to create backlinks is by submitting articles in the appropriate directories. However, you should know that there are many article directories out there, so you need to choose the best ones.

If you choose less popular article directories that allow articles with poor quality, then it is possible that you will get only low or zero value backlinks from them. Only with good quality article directory you can guarantee that your traffic will eventually increase and give your excellent results. You may also provide answers in Yahoo Answers and Quora, especially when you answer questions that are related to your website’s main topic. You can provide a link to one webpage in your website that has good answer to the question. Obviously, there’s no guarantee whether any link created on Yahoo Answer and Quora will have SEO significance. However, the goal should be to establish your authority in the industry and if people know that you have excellent answers and knowledge in an industry, they will start to share your webpages, which will result in genuine traffic from all sources, including search engines.