Bangalore is abuzz by the hustling and bustling, and this weekend it will remain the same. You can’t change the city, the city although has the power to change you. If the city is tiring you out to measures no bound; if the city is making you feel weak on the knees and all you crave is some creativity or fun this week without the same routine, here is the list of the events happening in Bangalore, which will mesmerize your senses and keep you wanting for more. Be aware, these are addictive choices.

Pacotille – A French play – Rangashankar theatre, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore

A cute play cum musical of a vagabond who finds a wonder that makes him travel to various places and be stuck. The play is a visual delight with puppets as the main characters; the puppets are mastered by Aude Marechal from France. A student of art she is also the director, the actor and the puppeteer of this show. Visit the Rangashaankar theatre on 29th Jan to soak the exuberance of Pacotille.

Cul-Ah – College Fest- Mount Caramel College, Palace Road

It’s the time of the year again to celebrate the vibrancy and resonance of life. Cul-Ah is back! With a wide range of activities spread over three days begins at 29th Jan. Walkover to Mount Caramel College if you have art like b-boying; beat boxing, street-wars and other modern talents to woo the crowd. To witness these outstanding performances and flash mobs reach the college and scout for activities happening all around. The fest atmosphere is here!!

The MADBOY/MINK+ the SuperSonics – The Humming Tree, Indiranagar, Bangalore

The terror twin to gained notoriety after playing funky and groovy tracks on live world stages, as well as the underground parties all over India, they are here to make you hear. They will rock this place and set Bangalore afire. The noises will be amplified this Friday 30th Jan 2015 when synths, guitars and broken speakers make the atmosphere a mad-cabaret experience. Join the plague.

Midnight Nandi SAMBAR- MG Road, Metro Station

We all might have been to Nandi on bikes and cycles innumerable times. But this ride will make you go craving for more. The Sambar is a midnight bicycle ride from BDA complex to Nandi hill. 6 hrs ride one way and then again the way back. Starting at midnight with cycles and fellow rider, ride for 12 hrs. The organizers are well-equipped and well-mannered. Get your cycles to the event and pay a minimal Rs.50 for precautionary measures. The event is open although the rules are to compulsorily have headlamps, reflector lights and helmets. Buy yourself this before Fri 30th and reach the venue at 11:30 PM. A weekend trip with midnight cold! Amazing!! Bangalore is a hip place to be with plays and college fest taking place in the city, City has now taken a new born life and exuberance of a kid. The musical shows and electronic music will blast the boredom of your life. Bring yourself back to life with these energizing events happening to take place in your locality.

Author’s Bio: The author is an outdoor junkie and a blogger at He likes to roam around the city and write about it for the mass to get the word out about crazy and outstanding events happening in Bangalore.