It is a big problem to see something new and impressive in Barcelona or Rome. You know everything about the world popular cities to learn something new. You can easily find short description about each of attractions in the touristic guide. How about seeing something quite new and authentic in the city? There is a list of unknown cafes, viewing points, cemeteries and pharmacies you can suddenly meet. These are top secret places of the popular touristic cities of Spain, Italy and Greece.

Barcelona, Spain

This Spanish town is popular for visiting. Of course, Guell Park, Gothic District, Salvador Dali’s Museum are MUST VISIT places. Nevertheless, hire a car in Barcelona and pass by the popular attractions of Catalonian capital. There are many places you knew nothing about.

Cementiri del Poble Nou (perspectiva)

El Bosc de les Fades Mysterious Cafe

You can find a beautiful forest with fairies and elves at the end of the Rambles Street. To find it, you should go to the Wax Museum and turn left. You are in the city bar El Bosc de les Fades, decorated as a bewitched forest. Thus, you can feel the world of magic in the center of the Catalonian capital. It is situated in the center of the city but it is a secret place, indeed. Just locals know about it. It takes you about 8-9 EUR for dinner, 3-4 EUR for cocktail. The bar is placed in Pasaje de la Banca, 7. You do not need to book a table beforehand.

Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Looking for privacy, you may walk along the Horta Park. The park is situated in the heart of Barcelona. Nevertheless, tourists are not popular visitors here. It is famous of cypress labyrinth that is not easy to overcome. The park is carefully placed on the territory of an old villa. You can see Middle Aged castle and tower, waterfalls and fish lakes – perfect place to have family or romantic walk. The entrance ticket price is 2,17 EUR. The park works from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. in summer.

Address: Passeig dels Castanyers, 1.

Cementiri del Poblenou

What do you know about the French cemetery Pere Lachaise that is considered to be the treasure of arts? Just few people know that there is the place of the same beauty in Barcelona. You can walk along the alleys to admire the ancient marble statues. The oldest cemetery of Barcelona is Poblenou. It is full of statues and monuments. The entrance is free. You can come here every day from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Gracia Street Festival

If you are planning to visit Barcelona at the end of summer, you are lucky. This is your chance to visit the popular street festival of Gracia. The festival is hold in the open air, supporting by dancing, singing, karaoke. This is also time for the most beautiful street. Every street must be specially decorated to win: jungles, Wild West, Stars Wars, whatever. The entrance is free.

people swimming down under the fish

Rome, Italy

Of course, Rome with its rich history has a lot of interesting places. You need to spend months and months to see them all. If you are not aimed to see everything interesting in the city, you can visit just a couple of secret places.

Aventinus Hill and Orange Garden

You can observe Rome from the height of seven hills. One of them, Aventinus, is famous of its glorius ruins. There is a little secret. You should get to the top of a hill to Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta to see through the keyhole. You can see 3 sovereign political solutions all together: Italy, Vatican and the Order of Malta. There is also a beautiful park that is called Orange Garden: ancient ruins, orange trees, cypress alleys. There is nothing more romantic. The entrance is free.

Gianicolo Viewing Point

The Gianicolo Hill is situated outside of the city walls. Nevertheless, you can see a lot of historical monuments and unique viewing point to see Rome.

Museum and Crypt of Capuchins

The crypt is situated in the church of Santa Maria della Concezione. All Roman monks and celebrities wanted to be buried right here, in the crypt. There were too many bones at last. So, they were used to decorate the crypt interior. It looks strange! You may book the ticket to visit this place beforehand. The price of it is 9-19 EUR.

Capuchin Crypt

Athens, Greece

Athens, the heart of European civilization, welcomes you to visit attractions that the tourists pass by.


This is a big cultural center, placed not far from Acropolis. It was the industrial museum, situated on the territory of an old gas factory. Today, this is the main cultural space in the city, where the most of exhibitions, master-classes, concerts take place. Do you want to visit one of the exciting concerts? You can easily learn the playbill from their Facebook page.

Filopappos Hill

The guests of Athens used to visit Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus. Just few people know that you can observe Acropolis, Lycabettus from the Filopappos Hill. You can get there by car or Sigrou-Fix Metro station, climbing up the Drakou Street to meet a big green hill.

Temple of Poseidon

The temple of Poseidon is not included into the usual touristic route. Nevertheless, this is a picturesque place with temples ruins, dated the 5th century and popular local legend. It is said that Aegeus the King jumped down the hill many years ago. This place is also free for visiting. You can get there from the Syntagma metro station or by bus to Sounion.

Temple of Poseidon

56 Secret Bar

This bar is popular just for politicians, artists, journalists and intellectual youth. It is situated in Kleomenous kai Ploutarxou 56, Kolonaki. You cannot see the sigh or other mark to get there. Nevertheless, if you could get this place, you would be glad to come back again and again: big choice of drinks, cozy atmosphere, jazz music, talking and interesting people by your side. The minimum bill starts from 8 EUR. So, welcome to Athens.