More and more Americans are suffering from work-related stress. Over 40% of Americans consider their work stressful and 26% said they were “burned out or stressed” by their work. As a result, employees are facing a rising tide of health and mental health issues including: chronic heart disease, high-blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and many more.

A lot of these problems have to do with the typical office setup. Most offices are structured according to cubicles, which creates feelings of isolation and emotional disconnect. Employees, especially those in large companies, are more likely to work apart than together, which often results in office politics, departmental infighting, and workplace gossip. Ultimately, companies end up with an environment that is cutthroat instead of nurturing–one that is ultra-competitive as opposed to collaborative.

Coworking spaces like are looking to buck this trend by increasing employee interaction and providing common areas for collaborative work. The results are astounding. In a study of people who used coworking spaces, 50% reported higher incomes while 90% said they were more relaxed as compared to the office. Less stress and more income? Who wouldn’t want that?

Why Are Coworking Spaces So Effective?

Part of why coworking spaces are so effective is because most offices are badly designed. Which is to say, of course, that they have much to improve.

On average, the American office is too dark and too cold. Harsh fluorescent bulbs combined with air-conditioning on full blast creates a dangerous environment that leads to all sorts of diseases and health issues, not to mention diminished productivity. Moreover, offices often lack the space necessary for creative thinking. Humans are designed to respond to nature and natural light, both of which are hard to come across in the traditional office setting.

Common Desk co-working spaces, on the other hand, capitalize on open space and natural light.  They are designed precisely to provide an environment that is conducive to both health and productivity, especially as it pertains to collaborative work and shared ideas. Studies show that a well-lit and well-ventilated spaces can improve job satisfaction by 24%, increase productivity by 16%, and reduce absenteeism. That’s a great metric on so many fronts!

How My Team Can Benefit From Coworking Spaces

Anyone can benefit from coworking spaces–even companies that have their own offices. Whether you’re a freelancer, a team leader, or an employee looking for a change of scenery, you can incorporate coworking spaces to your routine.

Coworking spaces are in the business of providing the perfect work atmosphere, which means a lot of thought goes into designing them. Most come equipped with ergonomic furniture and have all kinds of awesome amenities: food, reliable Wi-Fi, great coffee–you name it! Anything to make sure you’re at your best.

If you’re tired of the ho-hum regularity of office life, it’s about time you visited a coworking space near you. Not only will a coworking space help your productivity and restore your energy, you may leave with a fresh idea or two from others working alongside you. Now that’s collaboration at its best!