Saunas are mainly used by many individuals in health spas as well as for home usage. If you are looking for traditional sauna, you may be curious regarding how one is used. With traditional sauna products, one can find many health benefits and moments of relaxation to be enjoyed. Furthermore, there are many more that one should know about the traditional sauna products.

Basic Information On Traditional Sauna Products

What is Sauna?

Sauna is actually a special form of bath, that uses dry heat to create perspiration, and in which steam is produced by pouring water on heated stones. Both traditional and infrared saunas are used for many purposes of same benefits. Saunas help to socialize, relax, reduce the effects of certain health disorders, and even to achieve good health. There are certain differences between the types of saunas, and when you are looking to purchase traditional sauna products or just interested in the subject, you should have a clear understanding of the distinctions.

Description of Traditional Sauna:

Traditional saunas are basically designed for full body thermotherapy. It does the same by using heat generated by heated rocks to reach temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a basic difference between dry and wet sauna. In a dry sauna, the heat is generally produced by hot rocks. On the other hand, in case of a wet sauna, water is poured onto the hot rocks to generate steam.

Use of Traditional Sauna:

You can use traditional sauna products for both indoors and outdoors. With both, you don’t need to be worried about damaging to the wood or heater element. Traditional sauna usually produces high temperature that actually encourages better health benefits. Proper use of traditional sauna offers many benefits like increased perspiration, respiratory advantages, and relief in certain physical ailments. There is a particular thing that makes traditional saunas so popular, i.e. traditional saunas require very low maintenance and their heaters require minimal service. Traditional sauna is also more durable than their counterparts – if cared properly, they can even last a lifetime.

Purchasing Traditional Saunas:

Today, you can find many manufactures that offer high quality, hand-crafted sauna products with thick wood, solid benches, and beveled edges. These companies can offer saunas with pre-built and pre-fitted wall and ceiling panels. These saunas even include pre-hung door, heater, rocks, heater guard, backrest, light, pre-made benches, boards, and other necessary hardware.

Traditional Sauna Vs Infrared Sauna:

Generally, both traditional and infrared saunas offer some significant health benefits. It is really up to the user as to which sauna to use. However, there are some particular reasons that make traditional sauna products popular over its counterparts. For example, unlike infrared sauna, traditional sauna heats the air in the room; as a result there will be a steam bath experience in traditional sauna. There are many people that prefer this added heat in the air and go for traditional saunas. Traditional saunas also produce more surface sweat on the pores. Therefore, it is recommended to take a shower after your experience to completely cleanse your body in a traditional sauna room.