Christmas is a time when we come together in good spirits to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is the time when loved ones gather around the same table, enjoy hearty meals, and celebrate. However, sometimes you just don’t have family to go back to or you just want to make this Christmas special for the ones you love.

Best Destinations To Fly To For Xmas

Flying off to a foreign destination is probably the best solution for both the above mentioned scenarios. Christmas transforms even the most fantastic cities in the world into winter wonderlands – that’s right, it’s winter everywhere else during Christmas except here!

However, flights to these destinations this time of the year could prove to be expensive. This is where you need to check for your frequent flyer points seats availability during Xmas – it could save you good money. As for the destinations, take a look at these for options:


It may not be a top ranking tourist destination on your list, but Singapore is lit during Christmas season. The festivities there begin a month before Christmas with the light up ceremony. The street décor is on point and the Orchard Road converts into a Christmas village that is alive and kicking. Join the countdown party and the celebrations as you drink, dance, and enjoy the night away in Singapore.


People might think it’s a joke, but there are literally more than a 101 things you can do in London on Christmas. You could go watch a Christmas show, explore the London markets prepped for festivities, shop your heart out, or enjoy a drink in a cosy local pub. Don’t miss out St. Paul’s Cathedral’s Christmas service or the Christmas Day tour designed especially for tourists like you.


This ancient city is brimming with relics that represent over two millenniums of inhabitation. Rome is a place where you can spend days and months exploring, but still be just scratching the surface of it. Christmas here is a balance between religious and cultural values, complete with the Midnight Mass and the delicious food. Not to forget the merry festivities, which take place all around the city.


Out of the 52 states of the USA, it is often difficult to decide which ones are worth visiting especially at a time like Christmas. Well obviously, these places celebrate it with the same zeal as us, but there’s never any snow during Australian Christmas season. So, don’t forget to pack warm clothes. You can visit:

New York

This city never sleeps. During Christmas, it just comes alive with the renewed spirit. New York during Christmas is magical. You can witness that in everything from the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Centre’s to the stunning shop displays.

Boston, MA

Boston is a stunning blend of the old and new world. This amazing trait of the city becomes fairly more prominent during the holiday season – something you shouldn’t miss out on. With the gas lamps lighting up the streets, the historic feel of the city and the modern day architecture leading up to the Faneuil Hall where the huge Christmas tree stands – Boston is glorious.

So, which destination are you flying to this Christmas season?