Keep your Skin Healthy and Glowing!

Every woman’s dream is to have flawless clear skin with an unmistakable glow. For this purpose, most women tend to make use of natural remedies instead of trying artificial cosmetic products that promise results within a short time comparatively. A reason for this may be the controversies related to most artificial skin whitening lotions or moisturizers, citing artificial harmful chemicals that are said to be ingredients of these short-term remedies. It is always better to prevent any damage to skin by being cautious about the substances you use than curing damage. An ordinary household possess many natural substances that can gift the skin many men and women, regardless of the gender, dream of.

Improve the Moisture Content

Olive oil has a vast range of positive effects on your body, both when ingested and applied on the skin. It is a good moisturizer which was used to soothe skin extensively by many generations from ancient times. Dabbing a little olive oil on your skin protects the inner moisture of the skin and prevents it from getting lost to the surroundings regardless of the environment conditions. Apart from that it is recognized as a good remedy for many skin ailments such as eczema which is a severe result of dry skin. It can also heal burns and erase stretched marks.

Fairness in Few Days’

Raw milk is a good candidate for whitening the skin with no side effects at all. Raw milk when dabbed on the skin using a cotton wool, and left to dry overnight can gradually lighten darker areas of the skin due to lactic acid present in milk. Yoghurt is another easily found substance in household that can be used to get rid of dark skin. A little oat meal, lemon juice and yoghurt can be mixed together to make a thick paste which can then be applied to the darker patches. Another lactic acid containing dairy product that can be used in acquiring healthy fair skin is curd. Sun tanned skin can be treated with a paste of curd, lime juice and some gram flour which together will restore the natural complexion. Curd can further be used to get rid of acne scars. Mix curd with some turmeric powder, some sugar and sandalwood. Apply it on the skin leave for 15 minutes, wash with lukewarm water and pat dry.

A Natural Scrub to Scrub Out the Dead Cells

Honey scrubs out the outermost dead cell layer on the skin and removes any impurities as well. It will bring about a drastic change in the complexion making it look fresher and younger than ever. Another remarkable use of honey is being able to use to it get rid of facial hair. A soft paste prepared by combining 1 teaspoon each of honey and sugar along few drops of lime juice should be heated in a microwave oven and when it is not too hot should be applied on the required place in the direction of the hair growth. Then a clean strip of cloth should be placed in top and pulled in the direction opposite to that of hair growth. Moreover honey can be used in a variety of combinations with other natural substances such as sandalwood, lemon juice and gram flour in facial packs to get obtain beautiful glowing skin. Finally have your EHIC card on hand for any medical emergencies.